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Reflect watch this video and answer these questions: Which type of discipline approach is Kathleen using – progressive or positive?  Justify your response with specific examples from their conversation. Do you agree with Kathleen’s decision not to contact the HR department?  Why or why not?


Family Unit 1.1 DB: Understanding How Family is Defined in Today’s Society “Family” means many things to many people. How do you define family? Think about other diverse family structures that are present in society. Discuss some of the elements that remind you of what makes it like a family. While working with individuals, why is it important to […]

social class

social class Unit 1.2 DB: The Impact of Social Class on the Family Thinking of social class, how has it impacted your family throughout your lifespan? Discuss why class is an important social factor to consider when discussing the family?

Globalizing for Growth

Globalizing for Growth Assignment:  Ultimately, having the ability to understand and contribute to a positive organizational culture is key in today’s workforce. Those who can add value in this area will be able to grow, develop, and lead in their organization. The following Course Outcome is assessed in this assignment: MT302-6: Analyze organizational structure and culture […]

Analyzing Arizona’s Language Development Approach

Analyzing Arizona’s Language Development Approach Arizona’s instructional program for English language learners is based on four principles called Arizona’s Language Development Approach. According to the Arizona Department of Education, these principles are based on the core idea that “all educators share the responsibility for promoting the success of English learners.” Choose one of the following […]

Pros and cons

Pros and cons DQ1 Task development timelines, Gantt charts, PERT charts, and the critical path method are all planning timetables discussed in the textbook. Investigate two of these timetables. Explain the purpose of each and identify the pros and cons. DQ2 Describe the three options for putting plans into action for program implementation (pilot testing, […]

Describe the organization and its history and community

Describe the organization and its history and community · Describe the organization: its history, community (the people it serves), and objectives · Describe the selected cause: its history in relation to South Asians in the U.S. · Analyze the organization’s political strategy: discuss the different approaches to advocacy, solidarity with other groups (reference Richman and […]

Memory Technologies 

Memory Technologies Details on the Individual Research Paper: 1. Length and Style: The body of an analytic research paper should be at least 10 pages in length (but not more than 12 pages) and typed using the APA Guide. Student projects distill fundamental issues, discuss the various available solutions, discuss the benefits and limitations of the […]


Psychology Should a counselor remain value-objective about controversial issues presented by a client (such as abortion, suicide, adultery, drug use, domestic violence, child abuse)? Consider the information above and Chapter 3 of the textbook. Note Use APA levels of headings and write a 1,000-1,250-word essay addressing the following: 1. Analyze the ethical implications of a […]

potential employers

potential employers Investigate and discuss 2-3 potential employers of students in your field.  Are all profiles similar?  Do you notice some differences?  Search on social media for comments about these employers and its products and services.  What is the public’s perception?