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PROFESSIONAL ETHICS It is immoral to kill non-combatants during war. Putin’s army in Ukraine is not obeying this regulation; many Ukrainian citizens are being targeted and killed. But this war (and a possible 3rd world war)  would have been avoided altogether if Trump had remained in office as the American president; and had Biden not […]

Services and Organizations

Services and Organizations Find two professional organizations that serve human services professionals. Some organizations will include the name of the profession, human services, while others will be named after the type of field (e.g., child welfare, homelessness, mental health). Find out how much it costs to join the organization as a student and what benefits […]

Public relations

Public relations 1.Public relations managers can sponsor events or community activities that are newsworthy to achieve press coverage but at the same time, these events reinforce brand identification. With this in mind companies such as Coke Cola and Pepsi donate equipment for sporting activities in elementary, middle, and high schools in return for the school […]

Capstone Change Project

 Capstone Change Project Implementation Plan II   In this topic, students will synthesize discovered evidence-based research that supports the intervention for the capstone project change proposal into a literature review. The strategic plan will be reviewed to determine what resources would be required if the intervention were to be implemented. Objectives: Create a list of […]

California State

California State This research  assignment is on a California State or Local public policy.  The following is a description of what you should include in your analysis: Begin with a California bill or proposition you have chosen. Use the following “Headings” to structure and identify the major components of your analysis. Describe the problem it […]

Quality Resume

Build A Professional-Quality Resume For this assignment, you should first complete the following tasks: Browse through the criminal justice career descriptions in the textbook and locate your ideal criminal justice career. Register and initiate a focused job search using industry keywords and document your results. Build a professional-quality resume or CV that offers a clear […]

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure This week’s discussion has three parts: First, define and describe the concept of critical infrastructure in the context of this course. Second, describe one federal, one state, and one local-level governmental agency that addresses concerns relating to critical infrastructure. Finally, elaborate upon the critical infrastructure that helps to keep your own community up […]


Nutrition Review all the materials discussed in this and the preceding module. After reading the information and guidelines, discuss why nutrition and weight status are important for health. Note Post one reference you used for the evidence-based information you are discussing.

Develop a health maintenance plan

Develop a health maintenance plan The purpose of this assignment is to develop a health maintenance plan for a selected Disease, such as asthma, hepatitis, hypo and hyperthyroidism, and coronary artery disease, in a selected Population. Your paper should: Assess, develop, and recommend health maintenance plans for clients in all developmental stages of life within […]

knee pain

knee pain A 15-year-old male reports dull pain in both knees. Sometimes one or both knees click, and the patient describes a catching sensation under the patella. In determining the causes of the knee pain, what additional history do you need? What categories can you use to differentiate knee pain? What are your specific differential […]