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Background Introduce yourself to your peers by sharing something unique about your background. Explain how you expect this course will help you move forward in your current or future career. This class is all about ethics. We have all encountered unethical situations in our personal and professional lives. However, unethical situations are not the same […]

company interview

company interview Research any organization that you would like to work for someday. This could be an organization that you are looking to secure a job at in the short term, or an organization you are interested in working for in the long term. As you conduct research, write a 1-2 page paper answering as […]

The three basic demand forecasting models

The three basic demand forecasting models 1. What is the relationship between demand management, order management, and customer service? 2. Discuss the three basic demand forecasting models. 6. List the various methods of order transmittal and discuss relevant characteristics of each one.


Enterprise https://digital.hbs.edu/platform-digit/submission/zara-achieving-the-fast-in-fast-fashion-through-analytics/ What IS key features has Zara utilized in their operations supply chain to gain a competitive advantage over other retailers? Give an example of another industry where Zara’s quick-to-market approach could build sustained competitive advantage for a firm. How does Zara utilize collaboration to drive design changes in the company? (2 points) What […]

Critical Thinking 

Critical Thinking  Using the Clinical Trial on breast cancer dataset. Perform a Kaplan-Meier Analysis to determine the survival curve for the breast cancer survivors. H0 The risk of dying from breast cancer will occur within five years. (Null Hypothesis)H1 The risk of dying from breast cancer does not occur within five years. (Alternative Hypothesis) Ensure […]

Three V’s

Implications from the three industry trends Discussion 1 (Chapter 25): How do you define big data? What are the implications from the three industry trends (Three V’s), presented in the textbook, by the Gardner Group? Three V’s presented in the textbook are as follows: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Instructions: Your response to the initial question […]

Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening In the United States, most state health departments require screening for genetic disorders in newborns. Some states go so far as to require pre-marriage genetic testing, where they examine the potential parents for risk of genetic disorders in their offspring. It’s worth noting, however, that some states allow for exemptions from testing based […]

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Create a PowerPoint presentation examining the law in Saudi Arabia pertaining to litigation of physicians and healthcare organizations as shown in the Ministry of Health Law of practicing health professions (2005, December 6).  Be sure to include: An analysis of the purpose of the law; The ethical principles guiding this litigation; The definition […]

The Mexican War of Independence

The Mexican War of Independence After reading the article “The Mexican War of Independence” in your Boundless World History link under the section “Change in The Americas”, Analyze the effect events in Europe had on Mexico in 1808. Describe Spanish rule in Mexico. Examine some of the indigenous uprisings against the Spanish. Explain the goals […]

Insurance Fraud and Abuse

Insurance Fraud and Abuse Health insurance fraud is a problem globally, and Saudi Arabia is not immune. Assume you have been tasked with presenting this problem to your healthcare organization so employees can act appropriately when processing health insurance claims. Be sure to address: Actions that would be considered fraudulent; Key indicators that fraud is […]