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linguistic and physical development

linguistic and physical development “It takes a village to raise a child.” How does supporting the linguistic and physical development of a young child apply to serving the common good from a Christian worldview perspective Note ( 150 words please)

developmental milestones

developmental milestones Why is it important for a teacher of young children (birth to age 3) to be knowledgeable about developmental milestones? Note ( 150 words please)

policy processes

Principles Of Public Policy You can get involved in the policy process as an actor outside of government. Name one policy area over which you would like to have influence. Why? What could you do to impact the policy formulation stage of the policy cycle? Note Your discussion statement must be 2—3 paragraphs long. This […]


Neurological List the risk factors for cerebrovascular accidents and why? What cultures are at higher risk and why? Describe the 0 to 4+ scale for scoring deep tendon reflexes. What would you expect to find in a patient with diabetic peripheral neuropathy? Share any experience you have encountered and elaborate. Note Your initial post should […]

developmental milestones

development progress of a young child Assessment Description The development progress of a young child is important for a teacher to understand. The rate at which a child meets milestones is indicative of their health and future success in foundational learning. If the child is not meeting milestones, the teacher must be aware, and communicate […]

nursing process

Evidence-Based Practice process, and nursing process What do you see as similarities and differences between the research process, the Evidence-Based Practice process, and nursing process? Include rationale to support your response. Submission Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic […]

Communitys Vulnerability

Communitys Vulnerability Part of assessing a community’s vulnerability is determining what is at stake for loss in the future. Describe areas of your town or county that are undeveloped; include their current state as well as their potential future condition. Use resources such as the Internet, aerial maps, tax maps, and local land maps. Whenever […]

Child health development

Child health development imagine you are assisting a counselor at a community center by running a support group for soon-to-be mothers. Several ladies in the group have disclosed a love for drinking alcohol and utilizing substances. As an expert in the field of childhood development, help the group understand the potential delays or adverse impact […]

 Executive Summary of Talking Point

 Executive Summary of Talking Points As a working professional, understanding the field of psychology and how it applies to your work environment, is a necessary component to not only developing healthy relationships but also appreciating other cultures and their impact to society. For this first Module Assessment, you will examine an international, credible news story […]

damage assessment

damage assessment Discuss how damage assessment may change in the future. Consider these questions in your discussion: What are the existing challenges of conducting damage assessment that would evoke a change? How would this change impact the procedures and activities of an assessment following a disaster? Note 350-450 words excluding references, APA format and a […]