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Program Goals

Managing Finances to Meet Program Goals To what degree is it possible for an agency to maintain its commitment to a central mission when funding patterns change and new types of activities are supported?  How would you deal with a situation in which you could get funding only if you changed the basic focus of […]

Supervisory Relationships

Supervisory Relationships How would you describe the approach that you, yourself, would take if you were in a supervisory position? What do you see as the most important characteristics of an effective supervisory relationship? Note Please make sure your post includes references and citations in APA Style.

Creating Organizational Designs

Creating Organizational Designs Consider a large human service organization with which you are familiar.  What would you see as the best way to departmentalize it–by function, program, process, geography, client, or use of matrix design?  What factors would you take into account in making this decision? Note Please include peer-reviewed sources in your post. Your post […]


policy players groups You’ll explore a policy that has been hotly debated. Discuss some of the policy players (groups) that have been involved in the debate: what are their values? what efforts did they make to sway elected officials? What role have the courts played in your issue? What are some of the long-term effects […]


FAIR MARKET 1. Why is the concept of Fair Market Value important in healthcare transactions? How is it different in the healthcare context than other industries? 2. Why is it important to document the process and results of your fair market value analysis? 3. Explain the concept of “commercially reasonable” and why it is used […]


Transactions Why is it important to document the process and results of your fair market value analysis? Explain the concept of “commercially reasonable” and why it is used in evaluating healthcare transactions.

Nursing Readmission

Nursing Readmission Discuss what resources are available for chronic cardiorespiratory issues to support patient independence and prevent readmission. Explain how readmission affects reimbursement. What implications does readmission have on the hospital, and on the patient?

cultural differences

cultural dimensions Visit Hofstede’s cultural dimensions website at https://www.hofstede-insights.com/models/national-culture/. 1.Pick two countries and compare them with the United States on the cultural dimensions. How would you manage cultural differences in these countries?

Disaster Management

Disaster Management Research a technological or human-induced disaster. Look at situations such as radiological, nuclear accidents, technological disasters (electromagnetic pulse), and hazardous material spills. In your post, provide the name of the incident you have chosen, and support your answers with evidence/examples. Please provide a working link and a citation for your source(s). Select 2 of the […]

behavior of disaster victims 

behavior of disaster victims Explore  two (2) journal articles regarding a contemporary crisis. Relevant  articles would be dated after 2010 (to present). Consider the following  situation–and then respond to the questions. Note Understanding  how the success or failure of an emergency response depends on the size  of the gap between the behavior of disaster victims […]