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Competency Models

Competency Models 1. A brief explanation of two advantages and two disadvantages of using competency models compared to using traditional approaches to job analysis for your job or a job with which you are familiar. 2.Explain two potential consequences of customizing competency models to fit your organization. Note Support your response using Learning Resources and […]

 Prevention of drug substance abuse

 Prevention of drug and substance abuse Using your topic from Part 1 of this project, outline the details of your communication campaign. In 1,500-2,000 words, do the following: State at least 4 goals for your group’s campaign. Describe the context in which the campaign is being conducted (i.e., a worksite, state campaign, or national campaign). […]

 Political Philosophy

 Political Philosophy 1) Robert Nozick considers taxation to be a modern-day form of forced labor or debt slavery. To some, his is an extreme view that neglects the social goods that taxation accomplishes. To others, his view is a breath of fresh air – a powerful thinker who lays out clearly how modern governments oppress […]

Suicide rates

Suicide rates How could the suicide of a popular cultural figure or celebrity contribute to suicide rates in society? What is the potential impact of these suicides on adolescents and teens?

Eating disorders

Eating disorders Compare causes and treatments of various eating disorders. Identify the treatment you believe to be most effective and defend your position with current research.

Human Resource Management 

Human Resource Management AT LEAST 2 SENTENCES EACH QUESTION . 1) Ch. 1 What is a line manager and what are their responsibilities? 2) Ch. 2 What is a SWOT Analysis? 3) Ch. 3 Sexual Harassment – What are the different types? 4) Ch.4 What is telecommuting? Do you like the idea of telecommuting? 5) […]

Early childhood educators

Early childhood educators 1.You have examined various assessments in past assignments, analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and reported on their reliability and validity. 2.Why is this so important to early childhood educators? What purpose is there to all this? Teaching is a cyclical process.

Community Relations

Community Relations 1. Post a conversation thread (at least 100 words in length excluding quotes; 2 points) : (A) IDENTIFY problem(s) related to public safety either in your neighborhood or CSU main campus. The problem may vary (public disorder to crime) but makes you feel unsafe. (B) ANALYZE “the identified problem’s causes, scope, and effects” (see p.102 of […]

Lab tests

  Lab tests Do the following Labs  Complete Test Out Lab 8.2.7 “Enforce User Account Control” – Note write and submit a lab report on blackboard of a minimum of 3 pages on what you learned in the lab, with screenshots and analysis. Complete Test Out Lab 10.2.6 “Configure a Perimeter Firewall” – Note write and […]