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 Practice Counterargument And Refutation Paragraphs For this Writer’s Notebook, you will write two paragraphs, a counterargument and a refutation paragraph. You will use  “What’s a College Education Really Worth?” by Naomi Schaefer Riley as the counterargument. In other words, you will prove why she is wrong in your refutation paragraph. You will defend the thesis statement “The benefits of […]

strategic management plan

strategic management plan Important Note:  When organizing/writing your strategic management plan, use professional APA formatting and also use the: Strategic Management Model found in the PowerPoint provided. You will formulate and document the individual components of a unique strategic management model culminating in a strategic management plan for your company. You may also use a […]

Reliability of Selection Measures

Reliability of Selection Measures Article Analysis Reviews: Using the  University electronic library, each student is to research and post an analysis of two articles relating to the identified subjects under review during the relevant week of the assignment. Your assignment is to post a summary (no less than 2 pages double-spaced) of the article. Be […]

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Discuss what a community of practice is regarding Information technology.   Why are they important and how can they impact the culture within an organization? Note Word Count: 300 additional Scholarly source Strict APA 7 format


Casew A 12-year-old boy has occasional episodes of mild asthma while playing soccer with his friends. Q1. What treatment should this patient receive to relieve symptoms during an asthma attack? Q2. If the patient’s asthma attacks occur more frequently, what changes in therapy might be appropriate? A 19-year-old college student is asking for contraceptives.  Q3. […]

Nursing Image

Nursing Image Images can be both good and bad with each having associated attitudes and behaviors and consequences in terms care. Images can be changed by changing attitudes and behaviors. Prepare for this Live Classroom by listing different images of nurses. They can be positive and/or negative and come from many sources such as the […]


Memo Write a memo 3 on commercial transaction. Take a case from canilli (on canada).

Statistics For Technology Management

Statistics For Technology Management discussion: Discuss the methods used at your company to measure and ensure quality products and services. 2. Submit definitions for the following terms: Total Quality Management (TQM) Six Sigma Control chart Assignable causes Common causes Acceptance sampling

Competency Models

Competency Models 1. A brief explanation of two advantages and two disadvantages of using competency models compared to using traditional approaches to job analysis for your job or a job with which you are familiar. 2.Explain two potential consequences of customizing competency models to fit your organization. Note Support your response using Learning Resources and […]

 Prevention of drug substance abuse

 Prevention of drug and substance abuse Using your topic from Part 1 of this project, outline the details of your communication campaign. In 1,500-2,000 words, do the following: State at least 4 goals for your group’s campaign. Describe the context in which the campaign is being conducted (i.e., a worksite, state campaign, or national campaign). […]