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Integration And Self Reflection

Integration And Self Reflection In this writing assignment, you will reflect on your journey toward cultural competence Reflect on the future of cultural competence in the nursing profession. Propose one major individual-level strategy whereby cultural competence can be integrated into nursing care. Propose one major workplace or systems-level strategy involving multiple individuals and/or professions to […]

Case Study

Case Study Review the vignette on Jorge in the attached document, “Jorge Case Study.” What is the best diagnosis for Jorge? Share specific elements of the case study that helped you form this diagnosis. Based on Jorge’s case history and presentation, what symptoms is he experiencing, and why are these symptoms considered dysfunctional (pathological)? Consider […]

Antibiotic Sensitivity

Antibiotic Sensitivity Lab A.  Write a lab report about the Antibiotic Sensitivity−Kirby-Bauer Diffusion Test experiment in which you do the following: 1.  Explain why selective toxicity is an important feature of antibiotics. a.  Discuss the relative benefits of broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum antibiotics.  Note: The explanation from part A1 and discussion from part A1a belong in the introduction […]

Ethics Across Cultures

Ethics Across Cultures  Answer the following prompts: Is there an universal ethic that transcends cultures, and is it possible to determine right and wrong across cultures? How does culture influence your own ethical decision-making? How does ethical behavior among providers promote a culture of safety?

Course Competencies

Course Competencies Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency. Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice. Course Competencies Explain principles of care for clients with oncological disorders. Identify components of safe and effective nursing care for clients experiencing fluid […]

Personal Safety

Personal Safety What interpersonal helping skills can you use to decrease the chances that you will be involved in dangerous situations with clients? You will need to read the Chapter on Personal Safety to have the ability to discuss this with ease.

compare-and-contrast case study

Capstone Project For this part of the project, you’re going to continue using the same topic/event that was used in Capstone Part #1 and do a compare-and-contrast case study. It will require you to view your topic from three different angles: locally, nationally, and globally. Was there a difference with media coverage about your topic […]

Program Evaluation Plan Proposal

Program Evaluation Plan Proposal Summative Assessment: Program Evaluation Plan Proposal [friday Review the feedback you received from your instructor over the past 8 weeks. Complete a Change Matrix to determine the revisions you will make to your plan. Revise your plan based on your instructor’s feedback, course readings, and independent research. The final revised Program […]

Evaluation Difficulties 

Evaluation Difficulties 1.What do you anticipate being the most difficult aspect of evaluation within your field? Apply the information you gained from this course and discuss how you might address that difficulty from the perspective of an evaluator and leader, taking into consideration any accreditation issues. Note Write a 250- to 300-word response to the […]

Business plan

Business plan Formatting Select one of these formats: PowerPoint with notes; no more than 10–12 slides. Audio over PowerPoint. Video presentation over PowerPoint Storytelling (video recording)—no PowerPoint needed for this option For this week’s discussion, create a brief presentation addressing the following: Your business plan is now complete. Imagine you are in front of a […]