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Corporate values

Corporate values 1. Companies often project their corporate values on their suppliers through a supplier code of conduct or similarly named requirements. Writing these requirements can be arduous and require the input of multiple stakeholders. What is the supplier code of conduct for home depot? If you were asked to create a supplier code of […]

Thesis statement

Thesis statement One full-page outline including term paper title, thesis statement, and outline of subtopics that will be covered. Note 3 references supporting paper research must be able to find relevant cases to support the topic topic: how to avoid falling victim to a cybercrime

Cloud Computing

 Cloud Computing The discussion questions this week are from Chapter’s 6 & 7 (Jamsa, 2013). Each chapter 4 topics and use only 50-words max per topic to discuss and present your answer. Chapter 6 topics: 1. Define and describe a SAN. 2. Define and describe NAS. 3. List the pros and cons of cloud-based data […]

HIV/AIDS situation

Epidemic of HIV/AIDS situation Investigate the HIV/AIDS situation among key populations in Fiji . Is the epidemic generalized? Which key populations that account for the highest proportion of those living with HIV, such as men who have sex with men (MSM), people who inject drugs (PWID) or commercial sex workers (CSW)? Discuss 3-4 major findings […]


DATA SOURCES FOR COUNTRY CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS FOR COUNTRY CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the three tables using recent, scientific information on Fiji. • You need to use at least 3 different references for each table. Suggested references are found in the document with the blank tables. References should not be more than 8 years […]

Nursing Reflection

Nursing Reflection Florence Nightingale was a leader in nursing whose writings led to the foundation of many of our current nursing philosophies and theoretical models. Although there have been significant changes in our society and health care since her era, one can identify evidence of her writings and practice in current nursing practice. For this […]

Strategic Plan 

Creating a Strategic Plan  Create a Strategic Plan for a healthcare company that you are reasonably familiar with or one in which there is significant public information available. Note Your organization MUST have a healthcare focus. Include the following components in your strategic plan: An Executive Summary (this component follows the coversheet and is contained […]

Bacterial Morphology

Bacterial Morphology and Staining Techniques A.  Write a lab report about the “Bacterial Morphology and Staining Techniques” lab kit experiment in which you do the following: 1.  Explain how the differences in cell wall structures of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria cause them to stain differently with the Gram stain. Note: The explanation from part A1 […]

Integration And Self Reflection

Integration And Self Reflection In this writing assignment, you will reflect on your journey toward cultural competence Reflect on the future of cultural competence in the nursing profession. Propose one major individual-level strategy whereby cultural competence can be integrated into nursing care. Propose one major workplace or systems-level strategy involving multiple individuals and/or professions to […]

Case Study

Case Study Review the vignette on Jorge in the attached document, “Jorge Case Study.” What is the best diagnosis for Jorge? Share specific elements of the case study that helped you form this diagnosis. Based on Jorge’s case history and presentation, what symptoms is he experiencing, and why are these symptoms considered dysfunctional (pathological)? Consider […]