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healthcare environment

NURS682 Think about a successful healthcare environment where you worked. In detail, discuss one or two habits of system thinking by a team member or leader who you observed in that environment. Do you think these habits improved efficiency and the care delivered to patients? Why or why not? Use at least one scholarly source to […]

Leadership In Nursing

Leadership In Nursing identify and discuss the leadership style of your immediate supervisor by using specific examples that demonstrate that style.  Does your supervisor have an effective leadership style or not? Why?   Make your recommendations on how the leadership style could be improved.  Provide references on which you base your answers.

 Social Work In Palliative Care

 Social Work In Palliative Care Discussion 2: Palliative care refers to specialized medical care that focuses on providing relief from physical symptoms and improving the quality of life of patients and caregivers. Palliative care can be provided to patients with any medical condition at any stage of illness to relieve symptoms. It can be a […]

Teaching Newborn Care

Parent Teaching Newborn Care Women and Newborn Health Nursing Parent Newborn Teaching Plan Assignment Purpose: To demonstrate effective teaching/learning skills for the childbearing family. Topics: The topic is bottle feeding. Instructions: ~Research your chosen topic, using websites, textbooks, patient teaching materials from clinical setting, observation in clinical setting etc. ~Include pictures in your response and must contain at least […]

Work Environment In Nursing Practice

Work Environment In Nursing Practice Discuss the strategies for maintaining a healthy work environment; the legal implications of workplace violence and the responsibilities from organizations in providing a healthy work environment Review the ANA Bill of Rights (Box 14-1 from your textbook) and discuss how it protects nurses. Submission Instructions: Your initial post should be […]


Research Using the clinically relevant, nursing-specific intervention from the PICOT question (P) do introduce substance abuse programs compared to no substance abuse programs (C)reduce substance abuse within a year.Conduct an evidence-based literature review that will result in a summary of three, peer-reviewed research articles related to the intervention written within the last 5 years.  You will focus on […]

LoGY Weeko11

LoGY Weeko11 Write a 1-page narrative in APA format that addresses the following: Explain the circumstances under which children should be prescribed drugs for off-label use. Be specific and provide examples. Describe strategies to make the off-label use and dosage of drugs safer for children from infancy to adolescence. Include descriptions and names of off-label drugs […]

nursing shortages

DISCUSSION POST The United States and other countries are experiencing nursing shortages. To help ease the shortage, many resources are spent on recruiting foreign nurses. What are the reasons for these shortages? If the United States and other industrial nations put their resources into increasing nurse retention, would the need to recruit foreign nurses decrease? […]

Patient Safety Culture Pamphlet

Patient Safety Culture Pamphlet Create a pamphlet using any type of publisher software you choose to educate clients on a current patient safety issue. For example: How aging adults can care for themselves at home Medication–polypharmacy and how a patient cannot make a self-medication error, Or other appropriate safety issues. If you have a question […]


Genitalia Identify and explain positions other than the lithotomy in which a pelvic examination can be performed. Why are women at a higher risk of UTI than males? What would you educate to decrease the risk of UTI? Summarize the pros and cons of newborn circumcision. Describe the following signs on a female examination: Goodell […]