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Community Health & The Global Burden Of Disease

Community Health & The Global Burden Of Disease Visit the City Health Dashboard at https://www.cityhealthdashboard.com/ (Links to an external site.) and identify the top three health care issues facing your community( Miami, Florida) or a community closely related. Then relate these issues back to the Global Burden of Disease and national efforts to address these health care burdens. […]


Diversity 7 Interview someone from a different culture.  You will create a PowerPoint presentation of your findings. You will Interview a client whose culture is different from yours. The client can be a patient, neighbor, grandparent, in-law, or friend. Do not use your parent, brother, sister, spouse, or significant other. This interview is the basis […]

pharmacological management of the disease

pharmacological management of the disease on the pharmacological management of the disease. Select a disease process that is of interest to you. Pathophysiology of the disease state. Review of the pharmacological agents used for treatment and important information related to advanced practice nurse. For examples, “Pharmacological Effects of Anti-Hypertensive Medications in the Management of Hypertension”. […]

Health disparities

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL Health disparities Students are required to submit weekly reflective narratives throughout the course that will culminate in a final, course-long reflective journal due in Topic 10. The narratives help students integrate leadership and inquiry into current practice. This reflection journal also allows students to outline what they have discovered about their professional practice, […]

Chronic Illness And Rehabilitation

Chronic Illness And Rehabilitation Develop a realistic case and Identify a chronic illness and its relationship to rehabilitation. Could be from a previous experience on your career. Identify chronic illness and its relationship to rehabilitation. Choose from one: COPD, CHF, Stroke, Hip fracture Create interventions that support an older adult’s adaptation to the chronic illness […]


Grief Grief: define and describe the physical symptoms, psychological and social responses and its spiritual aspects. Summarize the types of grief. Although death is a universal human experience, please specify culture-specific considerations that exist regarding attitudes toward the loss of a loved one, including age (child or older adult) and cause of death.  

ways in which you can change your own behavior

Ways In Which You Can Change Your Own Behavior To Become More Protective Of The Environment Identify three  ways in which you can change your behavior to become more protective of the environment. Describe how these changes are health-promoting activities.

prescription for Varenicline

Whats A 30 Day Prescription For Varenicline. After Titration Whats a 30 day prescription for Varenicline. After titration, what is a 30 day for the maintenance dosage


Colon You are about to perform a rectal examination of an older adult. What are the steps to examine this patient? Explain your rationale. What are some findings you can have while assessing the rectal sphincter? Describe the differences during the rectal examination of acute prostatitis and benign prostatic hypertrophy. What findings would expect on […]

Patho Heart Disease

Patho Heart Disease Module 10 Discussion – Heart Disease Directions: Heart disease remains one of the top causes of mortality in the Unites States. Consider the various types of heart disease covered in class this week. For your discussion, complete these items: · The etiology of the selected heart disease · Modifiable factors · Non-modifiable […]