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cultural aspect of international business

cultural aspect of international business Objectives  On successful completion of this assignment, students should be able to: describe and explain different cultural differences and the importance of recognizing these differences, describe the three main types of economies and understand economic development and transition issues, and describe and explain different political and legal systems and understand […]

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter’s Five Forces Complete the table below. For Kroger, determine the strength of each of Porter’s Five Forces and of the complementors.   Justify your determination with examples.   Industry force Strength Provide a justifying your determination with examples High Medium Low Example x This is why I believe it is medium. Threat of new entrants Power of buyers Power of suppliers Power […]

characteristics of degree burns

characteristics of degree burns Describe the characteristics of first-, second-, and third-degree burns and the rule of nines assessment tool to estimate burn percentages. Discuss the recommended strategies for initial and maintenance fluid replacement after a major burn injury. Use at least one scholarly source other than your textbook to connect your response to national […]

QI model

QI project Discuss your individual critical analysis of the posted article with in-text referencing to support your thoughts and ideas and with a reference list. Critique the posted QI article and respond to the following items: 1.      Analyze and discuss why a QI project was needed. 2.      What initial steps were assessed by the QI […]

click-bait articles

click-bait articles Evaluating Sources of Information In the world of click-bait articles, nutrition gurus and other sources of fraudulent nutrition information, how  does one determine  what is  nutrition fact from fiction?  How  do  you  know  good  sources vs.  bad ones? For this assignment you will evaluate three (3) sources of nutrition information to determine if […]


Medication A 150-lb man is to receive a medication based on milligrams/kilograms. He is to receive 1 mg/kg. What dose should the nurse administer? Record your answer to the nearest whole number. Enter numeric value only.

Emergency Room Physician

The Emergency Room Physician The Emergency Room physician orders cefaclor suspension 250 mg by mouth three times a day. The pharmacy sends cefaclor suspension 125mg/5ml. How many tsp will need to be administered to give the correct dose? Enter numeric value only.

A Fractured Radius

 A Fractured Radius YoA Fractured Radiusu suspect your patient has a fractured radius. What is the most appropriate assessment? A Braden scale B ROM C CWMS D 48/6