Casey’s Model of Nursing

Part I

The nursing theory I chose to talk about today is Anne Casey’s theory which is called Casey’s Model of nursing. Casey’s Model of Nursing focuses on the nurse working in partnership with the child and his or her family. It was one of the earliest attempts to develop a nursing model designed specifically for child health nursing. The model was developed in 1988 while she was working in pediatric oncology at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

The philosophy of Casey’s model

The philosophy of Casey’s model is that the best people to care for the child are the members of the family, with health care professionals assisting because this necessitates a relationship between the parents and nurse (Prema, Yemiamrew, Wondwossen, 2018). I chose this theory because when I start my nursing career after I graduate, I really would love to work in pediatrics. I am drawn to this theory because it can help me for my future in learning how to develop healthy relationship with my pediatric patients and their family members.

The five aspects of this nursing theory are child, family, health, environment, and the nurse (Prema, Yemiamrew, Wondwossen, 2018). The child is the focal point of the model in that everything that takes place is for the child’s benefit. The family is a primary agent in the model. Together with health professionals the family are the most significant entity other than the child, because being with the child every day and being cognizant of the child’s needs and issues, the family can be instrumental in helping the child achieve and maintain health. The environment can have a potent effect on the child’s wellness. A supportive environment reinforces health, while a negative environment can erode it (Prema, Yemiamrew, Wondwossen, 2018).

Part II

personalized care

As a nurse, I want to provide personalized care to every patient I see in the hospital instead of just treat the illness, injury or condition they have. I want to make them feel comfortable, respected and confident in my nursing abilities. I am especially drawn to the pediatric side of nursing. Before school, I was a fully time nanny and absolutely loved it.


enjoyed taking care of children and being a huge part of their upbringing.

do have one story that really influenced my decision.

was babysitting an 12 month old when she choked on a small piece of chicken.

pediatric unit

I was certified in CPR and performed 2 rounds of 5 back blows. And 5 chest thrusts and she vomited up the small piece of chicken. From that moment on I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field in some sort of pediatric unit.


will never forget that day because it was such a turning point for me.

intend to impact society and healthcare through my clinical nursing practice by providing comfort and security to children first and foremost.I would then like to participate in mission trips all across the world helping children in third world countries who cannot afford any healthcare.

In conclusion, I feel that my experience as a full time nanny for 8 years will really give me a good foundation to begin my journey into pediatric nursing. I am a people person and get along with other very easily. I have always wanted to help people all throughout my childhood so I feel that I am well suited for this kind of job.


Prema KU, Yemiamrew GE, Wondwossen YI. A Classical Skeleton of Nursing Theories. International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research 2018; 6(1): 69-75.