Theory Critique

Theoretical Critique


To complete your assignment, please consider the following:
• Answers to the questions listed below should be detailed.


• APA format should be used including a title page and references. Label each section for the question you are answering. You will lose credit if you do not follow APA format.
• Please follow the grading rubric for this assignment very carefully
• Choose the same theorist for this assignment as for the assignment in Week 8. These are companion papers
• Follow the grading rubric. Review the grading rubric before submitting the paper
Choose a nurse theorist and utilize the following outline to analyze and evaluate the theoretical framework. The aim of this activity is to facilitate theory-guided nursing practice.

Question 1 – Significance of the theory (15 points)
• Does the theory deal with a topic that is currently important to society?
• Does the theory offer new insights about the topic?
• Is the theory important to nursing?
• How has the theory been used to guide nursing education, administration, and/or practice?

Question 2 – Context of the theory development (15 points)
• Who is the nursing theorist as a person and as a nurse?
• What are the major theoretical influences on this theory?
• What were major external influences on development of the theory?

Question 3 – The theory is internally consistent (15 points)
• Is the theory clearly defined?
• Are the concepts of the theory clearly linked?
• Are all terms and definitions of the theory consistent in discussions of the theory?

Question 4 – Parsimony of the theory (15 points)
• Is the theory stated as concisely as possible? Parsimony is met when the statements clarify rather than obscure the phenomena of interest.

Question 5 – Testability of the theory (15 points)
• Can the theory be empirically tested?
• Are the concepts of the theory measurable?

Question 6 – Pragmatic adequacy of the theory (15 points)
• Is the theory used in the real world?
• Are education and special skill training required to apply the theory?
• Is it feasible to implement this theory in nursing practice?
• Describe how you can apply this theory in your current or future nursing practice.


APA and Format (10 points)
Rubric Theoretical Critique Assignment

Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Introduction 3 pts
Full Credit
Introduces main topic of paper 1 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity in introducing topic/paper 0 pts
No Credit
Does not introduce main topic of the paper
3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Significance of the Theory 12 pts
Full Credit
Analyzes theory for currency, importance and relevance to nursing education, administration and practice 8 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity or detail 0 pts
No Credit
Does not sufficiently analyze the theory
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Context of the Theory Development 12 pts
Full Credit
Describes the personal attributes of the theorist. Describes the influences on the development of theory, including external influences 8 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity and definition. Lacks sufficient detail. 0 pts
No Credit
Does not sufficiently address the context of the theory
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Internal Consistency of the Theory 12 pts
Full Credit
Explains how well concepts are clearly defined and linked 8 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity and definition. Lacks sufficient detail. 0 pts
No Credit
Does not sufficiently explain concepts and relationships
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Parsimony of the Theory 12 pts
Full Credit
Parsimony is met when the statements clarify rather than obscure the phenomena of interest. Discusses in detail the degree of parsimony of the theory. 8 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity and definition. Lacks sufficient detail. 0 pts
No Credit
Does not sufficiently explain the parsimony of the theory.
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Testability of the Theory 12 pts
Full Credit
Explains how the theory can be empirically tested (quantitative and qualitative). Discusses how concepts are measurable. 8 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity and definition. Lacks sufficient detail. 0 pts
No Credit
Does not sufficiently explain the testability of the theory.
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Pragmatic Adequacy of the Theory 12 pts
Full Credit
Describes how the theory is used in clinical practice, now or in the future. Explains why or why not the theory is practical. 8 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity and definition. Lacks sufficient detail. 0 pts
No Credit
Does not sufficiently explain the practical use of the theory in practice.
12 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Professional Writing 10 pts
Full Credit
Paper is at least 3-4 pages in length. Writing is accurate, clear, concise and organized. No spelling, grammatical or sentence structure errors. Provides adequate detail in paper. 6 pts
Partial Credit
One to two areas lacking. More than three spelling, grammatical and sentence errors. 0 pts
No Credit
Writing is unprofessional. Multiple spelling and grammatical errors.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome APA Format 10 pts
Full Credit
Title Page (Follow the APA 7th edition for writing a title page). Pages are numbered in upper right corner of each page. Times New Roman, 12 point type, double spacing with appropriate margins, paragraphs, indents. Headings and subheadings are used throughout the paper. References are cited appropriately. 6 pts
Partial Credit
One to three areas lack correct APA formatting. 0 pts
No Credit
References or citations are missing. More than three errors in APA formatting.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Conclusion and Analysis 5 pts
Full Credit
Effectively summarizes the main points of the paper 3 pts
Partial Credit
Lacks clarity in concluding the main points of the paper 0 pts
No Credit
No conclusion
5 pts
Total Points: 100



Prepare an written essay (three pages max) following program standards using this form to guide your reflection:
A. What was your first impression of the hotel? Explain fully in one paragraph.

B. Explain, using full sentences and essay format, three important things you learned from the site tour e.g., facts about facilities, services and amenities, the tour or insights to as it relates to front office operations and processes, roles and responsibilities presented in class.

C. Was there anything that surprised you that was presented during our site visit?

D. What would be the most important skill you would need to develop to be successful as a member of the Front Office?

E. Generally describe your overall impression of the tour and the context of the presentation as it related to the Front Office course.

Jamaica’s development

Jamaica’s development

Examine the development of Jamaica’s one (1) main Political Parties and explore 1 ways that has contributed to the development of Jamaica.


Rubric/Allocation of Marks


1.      A synopsis of the historical development of Jamaica Labor Party.                                           – 10 Marks

2.      Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) contributions to Jamaica’s development.                        –       40 Marks

3.      Conclusion- summary of main points covered.                                                               –  4 Marks





Below are the points I need you to write on:

  1. The Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) is one of the two remaining political parties in Jamaica. Its influence upon Jamaica is due primarily to the skillful leadership of William Alexander Clarke, otherwise known as Alexander Bustamante. Bustamante was born in Blenheim in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica, on February 24, 1884, and migrated to Cuba in 1905 at the age of twenty-one.

After Bustamante returned from Cuba in 1934 he wrote frequent letters to the Jamaican newspapers, most of them focusing on topical issues and demonstrating his concern for the condition of poor black laborers.

By 1937 he had developed such a large readership that he could turn most of his attention to traveling and holding small private meetings in response to the incidence of labor riots on the island.

At one meeting in Kingston, Bustamante charged that he was attacked because of his support for improvement in the working conditions of the masses. By then his magnetic personality and charisma endeared him to his followers. On May 23, 1938, he addressed a large crowd of striking workers under Queen Victoria’s statue in South Parade, Kingston.

Security forces moved in to break up the crowd, and Bustamante challenged them to shoot him instead of the workers he led. He and other labor leaders were arrested. His pugnacity, however, cemented his place in their hearts and minds and many became his ardent supporters.

2.The following are the contributions of Jamaica Labor Party:

  • The Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation (JIDC) and the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) were formed to encourage and develop industry and agriculture, two vital sectors of the economy. 1952
  • The Human Employment and Resource Training Trust/National Training Agency, known to most Jamaicans simply as ‘HEART,’ is the leading provider of Technical Vocational Education and Training in Jamaica. Include the date.As a human capital development agency, for more than three decades, they have impacted every major industry and community in Jamaica, with an expanded mandate since 2016 to encourage and facilitate volunteerism, mentorship and adult literacy and they focus on practical, competency-based training which empowers trainees to transition seamlessly into real work.


  1. Conclusion




Organizational change

Organizational change

How well did the organization navigate the change? How did this change affect the members of the organization? Using John Kotter’s change model and concepts from his business fable, describe how you might approach change management if you were asked to direct the organizational change you described.

Antismoking campaign

Antismoking campaign

Question 5

A company is planning an antismoking campaign for its employees who indicated on their job application that they smoke. The management has decided that all smoking employees will participate in a series of seminars conducted by local health officials. As a consultant for this project, you suggest that the campaign would be more effective if, in addition to attending seminars, employees are sent a personal letter from the president of the company encouraging them to stop or cut down on their smoking.

Answer the following questions.

(a) What is the unit of analysis?

(b) What is your research hypothesis?

(c) What is the independent variable?

(d) What is the dependent variable?

(e) What is the experimental group?

(f) What is the control group?

Question 8

The City Council has requested that the municipal research unit in the city manager’s office examine why so many citizens appear to be dissatisfied with municipal services. That dissatisfaction has manifested itself in complaints to city council members, to the city manager and mayor’s offices, to heads of city departments and in letters-to-the-editor of the local and community newspapers. Using citizen satisfaction with city services as your dependent variable, write five hypotheses that you could then test in a survey of citizen attitudes in your city. Identify the independent and dependent variables. How would you operationalize the independent and dependent variables? How would you collect the data?


Please use the APA format to answer questions.

Calculating Confidence Intervals

Calculating Confidence Intervals

In this assignment, you will calculate confidence intervals for the quantitative variables in the Heart Rate Dataset.


  1. Open the Heart Rate Excel Dataset In Read Me First and identify the quantitative variables
  2. Make sure the data is sorted by category (e.g.male-at-rest, female at-rest, etc.)
  3. Use the Data Analysis tools of Excel to construct 95% and 99% confidence intervals for all 8 categories of the sorted quantitative variables.  Excel will calculate the margin of error given as the “confidence interval” in the output. Use this margin of error to create your 8 confidence intervals by both adding and subtracting it from the sample mean (calculated in unit 3).  This creates a range of values that is the confidence interval.
  4. Create a Word document, and use your calculated results to explain what the confidence intervals tell us. What do these confidence intervals tell us about our heart rate data?  How would you interpret the 95% and 99% intervals for resting heart rate?
  5. Compare the 99% and 95% intervals and explain why one is larger than the other even though we use the same sample mean value.

Additional Instructions:

Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style.

The assignments must include

  • Running head
  • A title page with
    • Assignment name
    • Your name
    • Professor’s name
    • Course

 Effects Of Change

 Effects Of Change

For this discussion, you will use a census website that posts information on variables observed in the city where you live.  Here is the website address. (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.)After you open the website, you can enter the name of your state on the left at the bottom and the name of your city on the right of the landing page.  You will see links to 4 sets of information on your area:  social, education, housing, and demographic.  You will be assessing the change in one variable you select for two different years. For example, data from the entire United States could be used to compare the percentage of women never married for the years 2010 and 2017.

Once you have selected your variable and obtained the information, answer the following questions:


Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

collaborative activity

collaborative activity

For this week’s collaborative activity, you will review Amazon’s most recent financial statements.

  • Based on your analysis of Amazon’s most recent financial statements,  predict whether Amazon’s financial health will likely improve or  deteriorate over the next five years.


Provide a rationale for your  response.

Innovative Business Case

Innovative Business Case

Developing innovative new products and services is expensive, time-consuming, and extremely risky. Most studies have indicated that the majority of development projects fail. Firms need to make difficult choices about which projects are worth the investment and which of those projects are pursued with a rigorous and well-thought-out development process.

Outline an innovation project by creating a 750- to 1,050-word business case.

Identify a company of your choice and an idea for an innovative design project that it can develop.

  • Identify why the organization is in a good position to be developing the new product or service.
  • Analyze how the new product or service fits with the company’s current strategic plan.
  • Examine the innovations that give a competitive advantage to your chosen company and whether this innovation is disruptive/revolutionary or evolutionary.
  • Examine the methods best used to choose this project and the process that will be followed to develop this idea within the company.
  • Develop a timeline that outlines the steps to develop this innovation.


 Be mindful of the organization and the project you select, because you will continue your work and research for this same project by developing an implementation plan .

Vulnerability Scans

Create A Virtual Environment And Conduct Vulnerability Scans

Assignment 1.

Create three virtual systems that meet the following criteria:

Use this naming scheme: Across The States Bank.

A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) Domain Controller with the following services installed (at minimum):

  1. Server Role: Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) – Promote to DC
  2. Server Role: DNS Server
  3. Features: Group Policy Management

A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) with the following services installed (at minimum):

  1. Add as member server to domain
  2. Server Role: Application Server
  3. Server Role: Web Server
  4. Features: .Net Framework
  5. Role Services: Web Server (IIS) Support

A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) with the following services installed (at minimum):

  1. Add as member server to domain
  2. Default installation


Do not install antivirus software or install system updates at this time.

Assignment 2. Dependent on Assignment 1.

During this assignment, students will conduct a vulnerability assessment based on various security frameworks using an industry standard vulnerability scanner. The scan will be conducted on all three Windows Servers within your virtual environment created in the Topic 1 assignment.

Part 1

  1. Download and install Nessus Essentials (free) vulnerability scanner on your Windows Standard Server.
  2. Conduct a vulnerability scan on all three servers.
  3. In a 250- to 500-word technical report, summarize the findings, to include the number of critical vulnerabilities discovered. Make sure to include screen shots of the completed scans.

Part 2

  1. Perform a Windows update on all three servers. Make sure that you have completely updated each server with all applicable patches, service packs, and security updates.
  2. Conduct a second vulnerability scan on all three servers.
  3. Compare the results of your first scan with the second scan after updates. What was the percentage of improvements?
  4. In the same report, present a 250- to 500-word summary of the findings, including the percentage of reduced vulnerabilities. Make sure to include screenshots of the completed scans.