critique your session

critique your session

After securing consent, create a minimum of at least one 20-minute audio or video recording of at least one of your client sessions. The session can be an intake interview or a planning and/or adjustment counseling session. After completing your recording, review your session and prepare a self-evaluation/critique of the session that includes the following components:

  1. Type out a transcript of at least 15 minutes of the session that contain the most relevant portions of your interaction with the client in this meeting with them.
  • In the margin before or after each or your responses or statements, label the type of response (paraphrase, reflection of feeling, etc. – you many use abbreviations for these).
  • Using the attached Counselor Response Rating Form, classify and count each of the responses you made during this session.
  1. If you made any responses that were not appropriate for that client, counseling situation/problem or stage of the counseling process, such as in stage 1 or 2, giving advice, interpretation, stating a judgment about the client/help or someone they may be talking about, or a response that belonged at a later stage of the counseling process, write out immediately after your response on the transcript a better response for each inappropriate one and provide a justification for your improved response. In other words, correct any poor responses that you think you made during this session right after the original response on the typed transcript. (Print this alternate response in a different color ink if possible.)

III. Write out a separate report of one to three pages in which you evaluate/critique your session. Cover each of the following topics and questions in your critique.

  • What stages of the helping process were covered in your session? Which stage were you and the client in at the end of the session? Had you started or completed this stage by the end of the session? Write out the statement made by the counselor and/or client that gives evidence of the stage progressed to by the end of the session.
  • Write out the statement from the session that indicates that the stage of defining the client’s problem was completed.
  • Write out the statement that indicates that the second stage (defining goals) or third stage (defining solutions/action plan/IPE) were started or completed, if you got that far.
  • Summarize how appropriate and effective the solution/action plan developed with client is for solving their problem. What progress has client made so far using the strategies selected to show plan is working or not working?
  • Summarize what you think you did well in your session, and what you did not do so well. (Which counseling, case management, or problem-solving skills did you demonstrate well and which do you need to continue to work on?)


  1. Submit your recording to me in addition to your written critique report, transcript with revision, and the Counselor Response Rating Form by the due dates noted on the Course site.