Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation

Compose a Cultural Orientation Paper. Using concepts from Schein (Chapters 1–2) and Bolman and Deal (Chapter 1), write a five- to six-page paper that describes the culture of your current organization (or an organization which you have been a part of in the past).

While this paper should be academic in nature (using properly-cited quotations and paraphrases throughout), assume that your instructor is about to join the organization! With that in mind, write it as a “cultural orientation letter” to him or her that addresses, at very least, the following:

a.    Explain the organizational culture in detail using Schein’s three levels of culture (approximately two pages).

b.    Which of Bolman and Deal’s four frames (see page 20) best describe your culture? Why? Which culture is primary and why is it primary? Which is secondary and why is it secondary? (This should be approximately one page.)

c.    What aspects of the organizational culture do you appreciate and why (approximately half a page)?

d.    What aspects of the organizational culture do you not appreciate and why (approximately half a page)?

e.    If a new manager (whether mid- or senior-level) were to survive and thrive within your organizational culture, list a variety of dos and don’ts that he or she should follow (approximately one page).


Include a title page, an abstract, section titles, a title page, and a references page—all in APA format.