disasters that occur on our planet

disasters that occur on our planet

Geo 4 Final Paper Rubric

Length: There is no required paper length or word count.

Paper and font size: 8 ½” x 11” 12” font double space.

Due     5/15/2024

Subject Matter

In the first discussion I asked you about the place you most wish to live. Over this semester we have learned about the many disasters that occur on our planet. In this paper you are to research what disasters could occur in the place you want to live. Usually, every location has one big disaster that will be the focus of your paper, but you should also include any other possible disasters. Determine what are the immediate dangers and the long-term dangers you will need to be prepared for. Once you know what the dangers are you can then prepare for them, so list your preparations to live happily in your most desired location.

  • Brief description of the location you mentioned in your first discussion
  • Biggest disaster and dangers
  • All other possible disasters and dangers
  • How to best prepare for the disaster


80% of your grade is on the content of your paper.

What you include, what you researched, what you say. All of this must be evident in your writing.

Be organized in your thoughts. The paper may not be long enough to follow the standard format of intro, body, and conclusion, but it still should not be all over the place.

This is a college level class and I expect your paper to be at the same level.

20% of your grade is based on spelling and grammar.

I expect you to write a college level paper and that includes more than content.

The greatest paper in the world is useless if no one can make sense of it.

I expect you to follow the rules of the English language.

Avoid using “I” unless necessary.

Write in complete sentences. Avoid run-on sentences.

Use proper spelling, no shorthand or texting patterns.