Franchising Final

Franchising Final


To complete this assignment, you will select a franchise that will thrive in your local place of residence. First, you will describe the demographics of your hometown and discuss why this specific franchise will perform well in this location. You will use the franchise profile on the FBR website to list the requirements needed to start the franchise business. In closing, show evidence why the brand and franchise you’ve selected will fulfill a need for your local community.

This assessment will be completed in report format with a cover page. You are required to follow APA citation guidelines. This includes completing in-text citation and full citations in a reference list for all content and statistics obtain in your research. (Links to an external site.)

Task List

  • Access the Franchise Business Review website.  FBR Website Link (Links to an external site.)
  • Access city demographic information. City Data Website Link (Links to an external site.)
  • Complete a Cover Page (Title/Brand Name, Course, Name)
  • Introduce and describe your local area using demographic information and personal viewpoints.
  • Identify and discuss an unmet need in this community.
  • Introduce and describe the franchise business that you’ve selected to satisfy this unmet need within the community.
  • Show evidence of how this franchise will benefit residents and satisfy the unmet need within the community.
  • Complete a Reference Page