Immunologic And Hematologic

 Immunologic and Hematologic Disorders

Complete the following prompts. Be sure you are answering each prompt in its entirety (some may have multiple components). You are encouraged to work on this with others, but everyone should be completing their own worksheet.

1.      How would discuss the benefits of exercise to someone with RA? What exercise recommendations (FITT) would you make and what considerations would you have? (3 points)

2.      List common symptoms of Lupus. What recommendations for exercise would you have for a client with Lupus (FITT & Considerations)? (3 points)

3.      Discuss the pathophysiology of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Outline exercise considerations you would have for someone with this condition. (3 points)

4.      What is fibromyalgia. How can exercise benefit individuals with this condition? (2 points)

5.      How does exercise effect individuals with HIV/AIDS? What exercise recommendations (FITT) and considerations would you have for an individual in this special population. (2 points)

6.      What are common symptoms associated with sickle cell disease? How does exercise effect this population? What considerations would you have training someone with this disease? (3 points)

How is exercise beneficial for someone with hemophilia? What exercise considerations would you have for someone within this population? (2 points)