Journal Assignment

1.What is the “onion concept”?  How does it work?  How do you keep alert in a job that can seem monotonous over time?

2.Explain the five steps for creating a successful business continuity management plan.

3.If a client were to ask about self-defense techniques and equipment, what suggestion could an entry-level private security person provide?

4.What are some of the duties of a Loss Prevention Agent?  What is management concerned with after reviewing the accounts and ledgers of a retail organization?

5.What are five red flags for shoplifting? Provide an example of an experience you have had or witnessed in regards to someone shoplifting.  What happened?  Was private security involved?


Each of your answers should be written using your own words. Do not copy and paste from your textbook or an Internet source. Ensure you cite your work and add reference(s) at the end of your journal. These should be the sources you are citing in your work. You should not need to do research from additional resources unless the question specifically asks you to do so;