Milestone developments

Milestone developments

Scholz’s article is a short history of the social web. You will find many interesting facts, and names and links of many services that emerged on the web for digital communication. Various aspects of communication are listed under subtitles and relevant developments in the area are given. However, the article is, as you may have noticed, is from 2008, which is about a hundred years old in internet years. We need to bring this to the future.

Select one or more subtitles(fields) from the manuscript and write an e$$ay listing four or more milestone developments after 2008 in that area. Be sure to discuss each of the following, making sure all are relevant to the “social” aspect of the web:

  • What has changed since 2008?
  • What mega-services have launched?
  • What infrastructural changes experienced?
  • Add one more
  • Clearly indicate your four areas (plus additional ones if you discuss beyond four) with a header for each area
  • Discuss in each paragraph how it is a milestone event


  •  there are no minimum words required but each milestone event should be a minimum of a paragraph or more + works cited page

*See File for additional instruction*