Your paper for the course project should be a 2-3 page APA format paper (the 2-3 pages are not counting the title page and the reference page, those are in addition to the 2-3 pages) that discusses the clinical problem and the following:

· Reason for choosing this topic (literally state “I chose this topic because…”)

· The PICOT question (you must state your PICOT question in the correct format and sequence of PICOT, in that order, you will lose points if improperly formatted)

· Possible integration of the evidenced that you found in clinical practice (how can your PICOT topic and comparison be used in real life practice?)

· Methods to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation (How would one see if the intervention, or the “I” section of your PICOT question, was helpful/beneficial or not?)

· Submit the entire paper (title page, body of the paper, and reference page all in 1 submission, this is also proper APA format)