Parole Approved

Using the case study’s on pages 297 & 298 (at the end of chapter 11), select one of the case studies. Make a parole decision, approve or deny.  If approved, what special conditions would you impose and why? Why do you think they are ready for parole?  What would you say to the victims? If you could interview the offender what would you ask them?

If denied, why?  What recommendations would you make to the offender so that when they come back up for parole they might have a better chance at making parole?  When speaking to the offenders family they made a strong argument for release, what would you say to them?

Choose only one case.  Please state which case summary you are using, A, B, or C.  There is no right or wrong answer to this discussion.  You must support you decision and respond to one other post.  Try to find a student who has the same case but a different decision to respond to, if you can.

Student posted minimum of 300 word post

Required Text and Materials: 

Publisher Wadsworth/Cengage, 2019 Title:  Community Based Corrections

Authors   Leanne  Fiftal Alarid

Edition     12th ISBN  9781337687362