Of course more engagement in discussion is welcome, and watch for my occasional contributions aimed at clarifying the material in the chapter.


200-300 words is a good length for a post, but I’m more interested in informed engagement with the material.

Here are a few review questions from the reading to get us started.

  1. Explain Plato’s conception of justice. How does it differ from contemporary liberal views of justice.
  2. Why is Plato no fan of democracy?
  3. In what way does Locke see us as having a natural right to liberty?
  4. What is the function of government according to Locke an how is it justified?
  5. How does Locke justify property rights?
  6. Explain the tragedy of the commons an how it present a challenge to a Lockean conception of property rights?
  7. How does the creation of wealth and property I our society differ from the idealized individualistic conception Locke offers.
  8. Explain Rawls’ two principles of social justice as fairness.
  9. How does Rawls’ employ the idea of the original position and the veil of ignorance in supporting his principle of social justice?