process costing

process costing

Discuss the mini-case of the textbook. It is about process costing.

How can the process costing method assist in the interpretation of current performance and costs management techniques?

Process Costing in Real Companies [REAL LIFE]

Go to and search for clips from the show Unwrapped on Food Network or How It’s Made on Discovery Channel. Watch a clip for a product that would use process costing. For some of the questions, you may need to make assumptions about the production process (i.e., companies may not publicize their entire production process). If you make any assumptions, be sure to disclose both the assumption and your rationale for that assumption.

Basic Discussion Questions

  1. Describe the product selected.
  2. Summarize the production process.
  3. Justify why you think this production process would dictate the use of a process costing system.
  4. List at least two separate processes that are performed in creating this product. What departments would house these processes?
  5. Describe at least one department that would have ending work in process. What do the units look like as they are “in process”?