Python Course Capstone

Python Course Capstone


Python and the database tool SQLite, you will develop a functionally project of your choice from the Capstone Project List. You will begin with an approach/strategy statement of the project, use the topics covered in class and document your code using comments inline to the code. And most of all, have fun building a project!

Capstone Project List

You will choose a project from the following list. Include which project you’re working on in your strategy statement.

Airline / Hotel Reservation System – Create a reservation system which books airline seats or hotel rooms (one or the other, doesn’t not need to be both). It charges various rates for particular sections of the plane or hotel. Example, first class is going to cost more than coach. Hotel rooms have penthouse suites which cost more. Keep track of when rooms will be available and can be scheduled.

Company Manager – Create a hierarchy of classes – abstract class Employee and subclasses HourlyEmployee, SalariedEmployee, Manager and Executive. Every one’s pay is calculated differently, research a bit about it. After you’ve established an employee hierarchy, create a Company class that allows you to manage the employees. You should be able to hire, fire and raise employees.

Patient / Doctor Scheduler – Create a patient class and a doctor class. Have a doctor that can handle multiple patients and setup a scheduling program where a doctor can only handle 16 patients during an 8 hr. work day.

Recipe Creator and Manager – Create a recipe class with ingredients and a put them in a recipe manager program that organizes them into categories like deserts, main courses or by ingredients like chicken, beef, soups, pies etc.

Flower Shop Ordering To Go – Create a flower shop application which deals in flower objects and use those flower objects in a bouquet object which can then be sold. Keep track of the number of objects and when you may need to order more.

Family Tree Creator – Create a class called Person which will have a name, when they were born and when (and if) they died. Allow the user to create these Person classes and put them into a family tree structure. Print out the tree to the screen.

Quiz Maker – Make an application which takes various questions from a database, picked randomly, and puts together a quiz for students. Each quiz can be different and then reads a key to grade the quizzes.

Boat Rental – Create a boat rental application which holds boat inventory, rental prices, boat availability, reservations and customer booking information.

The expectation for this project is you create your own project. You may use the DBbase class code we’ve used in HW9 and previous assignments. Code from previous assignments may be used as guidance only. Do not copy components from HW9 and submit as your own work, this will result in a low-end score.

Please do not upload zip files.

Project Rubric

  • Code is functional and runs without errors. 10 points
  • Strategy/approach to the project. 5 points
  • Includes at least 5 custom functions, at least 2 functions to include parameters. 15 points
  • Include at least 2 different custom classes (excludes DBbase). 10 points
  • Include comments inline to document the code. 10 points
  • Include saving/retrieving data from a database. 20 points
  • Use inheritance with your classes (excludes DBbase as this was already provided). 15 points
  • Include an interactive menu/program to run your project. 15 points

Total points: 100

Submit your work along with your database.