Qualitative questionnaires

Qualitative questionnaires

Questionnaire Questions Assignment Instructions


Qualitative questionnaires function as a means of collecting data about everyday life. For the Applied Research Report, questionnaire research is information gathered to determine the opinions, beliefs, or practices within a given population at a specific site to solve a problem or improve a practice. For this assignment, you will compose three to five demographic questions and ten qualitative questions. The ten questions must be open-ended and must require a detailed response. Do not ask a question that requires a yes/no response.


For this assignment, you will use the information from the textbook reading this week to develop 10 effective qualitative questionnaire questions that will help to answer the central research question for your study. This is a 3-4-page assignment.

  • The first page should be a correctly formatted (APA style) title page that includes the title of your study.
  • The second page should include:
    • First line should say “Appendix C”
    • Second line should say, “Qualitative Questionnaire”
    • Third line should include the title of your study.
  • Following the title of your study should be three demographic questions related to your study. You may use ones from the example or create your own.
  • Following the demographic questions should be 10 open-ended content questions related to your central research question. You may not use any of the questions from the example. Do not include support from the literature. This is the actual questionnaire that you could send to participants (you will not be required to).
  • No citations or reference should be included since this is included in the Appendices of your Applied Research Report.
  • See the example.


You must apply the information from the textbook reading this week to be successful on this assignment.