Click on the hyper text to visit this website on how to read gendered messages in advertisements and then complete the following assignment:

Sexism is manifested in magazines through the unrealistic portrayal of men and women. Men are often portrayed as “supermen” who are physically strong, brave, and powerful. Women, on the other hand, are portrayed as perpetually beautiful, perfectly shaped, young, sex objects. Our self-image, what we want, and what we need are influenced by advertisements.

Your assignment is to locate at least 3 print or web advertisements in different genres of as possible (a variety of topics such as: sports, news, women’s, men’s, trade, hobby). Finally answer the following questions in essay format for each advertisement:

  • Is the major character in the ad female, male, or are both included?
  • What product is the ad selling?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What activity is illustrated in the ad?
  • Is either gender involved in some activity? What type?
  • What are the individuals in the ad wearing?
  • Are the individuals portrayed in the ad given an active or passive role? (By active I mean are they “actively” engaged in an activity of importance, by “passive” I mean is their presence in the ad irrelevant or insignificant to the purpose of the message being given.)
  • What is the message of the ad?
  • In the illustrations, are there main characters in a story? If so, who is taking an active role, a passive role? Who is portrayed as a problem solver or a decision maker?
  • List the different occupations portrayed for females and males. Are they stereotyped?

Based on your findings you will write an essay summarizing the results. As you write your paper, please consider, whether you feel the characteristics you noticed are realistic or stereotypical?


Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length, double spaced, with appropriate margins and font size.