sociological culture

sociological imagination

This discussion aims to make you use your sociological imagination to understand cultural differences and to help you identify the cultural components and processes that result in different worldviews. This assignment requires applications of sociological concepts from culture and socialization.



You need to use your sociological imagination to understand the culture and socialization depicted in the above cartoon. Read chapters 3 and 5 on Culture and Socialization as well as the course modules and start a discussion by writing answers to the following questions:

What is the point of disagreement between the two women; why do they have differences of opinions, and what is it that they both agree on


Discussion should apply sociological concepts such as norms, values, beliefs, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, agents of socialization, gender socialization, etc.


Reply to a minimum of 2 classmates with additional information, terms, theoretical perspectives, follow-up questions, and authentic discussion interactions. Also, respond to others who have responded to you. Lackadaisical responses and disrespectful comments will not be accepted.