strategic management

Benefits and risks associated with strategic management

Essay Questions:

  1. Discuss in scholarly detail the benefits and risks associated with strategic management.
  2. Discuss in scholarly detail the purpose of a business strategy and expand on these concepts discussing a differentiation business strategy. Based on these strategies, how could an organization be a late mover and yet succeed with a strategy of differentiation and why?
  3. Explain the newest trends in mission components and also differentiate between company philosophy and public image and why organizations should consider either or both in its overall mission.
  4. Discuss in scholarly detail the defining principles and the implementing principles of the corporate social justice approach. In addition, what are some pros and cons associated with these social justice principles and why?
  5. Discuss in scholarly detail the necessary steps a firm must take when it attempts to incorporate interests of various stakeholders.


Responses to each question should be fully answered and each question explored, must be 400 words per question not including references, and should be supported with scholarly research from outside internet sources, excluding wiki sources. Remember that well-written responses do not need to be excessively wordy. In your analysis of the concepts, you may include applicable experience. Paraphrasing and direct quotes should be cited as to source. Must be in APA format.