The auditing firm

The auditing firm

You are the manager of a local auditing firm. Concerned about your current customer base, you consider the factors that might affect the attractiveness of your auditing firm. You realize you need to conduct business research. You know that service quality and the fees charged by auditors are two well-known factors, and you realize that the reputation of an auditing firm also needs to be included as an independent variable. As illustrated by the dramatic effects of recent auditing scandals, you know that reputation is especially important for large auditing firms.

You also believe that proximity of the auditing firm to the customer is another independent variable you will need to include as it likely affects the frequency of client visitations.

Get started by doing the following within your report:

  1. Identify the problem, considering your own context.
  2. Create research questions.
  3. Identify the dependent, independent, moderating, and mediating variables.
  4. Sketch a diagram representing the theoretical model.
  5. Develop a minimum of four (4) testable hypotheses.


In a 2-3-page, APA 7th edition style paper, review the following case and then provide detailed answers to the listed questions. Your answers should be clear, well-organized, and specific. Provide a concise, cogent argument and include details to support your response. Always properly identify, cite, and reference your supporting information.