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 Leadership Tell us about that one time that you led others, or your current role as a leader.  It can be leading a team/organization etc., at work, leading your family, or leading at your Church for example.  What was your experience? Was it difficult? Easy? What made it difficult or easy? Note In your discussion […]

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System Research paper dealing with the topic of “Knowledge Management Systems” What techniques do knowledge workers employ to stay abreast of the ongoing technological changes?  12-15 double-spaced pages, exclusive of the title/covering page, references page, and any appendixes if used, turned in as a Word document. Ensure that you name the file to […]

Health disorders

Health disorders Directions: Initial Post Areas for reflection: Describe how you achieved each course competency including at least one example of new knowledge gained related to that competency. Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice. Course Competencies Apply strategies for safe, effective multidimensional nursing practice when providing basic care and comfort for […]

Presenting Policy Recommendations

Presenting Policy Recommendations Instructions Present your conclusions, findings, and recommendations with a section on possible future trends related to your chosen legislation. Add a 200-word abstract to your paper. Supporting Evidence Cite 3–5 credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications to support your conclusions, recommendations, and forecasted trends. Evaluation The following assignment requirements […]

Theoretical Perspectives For Nursing

Theoretical Perspectives For Nursing The development of nursing knowledge is an ongoing process. Discuss the case for the ongoing development and use of nursing grand theories and conversely, make a case for the obsolescence of nursing grand theories for today’s practice and research. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYpGiEoUZPA Note 3 references in APA style


Psychology Of the parts of the brain listed below, which two would you NOT want to damage and why? hippocampus, Wernicke’s area, reticular formation, medulla, Broca’s area, frontal lobe, limbic system. Explain and support your choice with relevant information from the textbook and/or scholarly outside sources. Note At least full page

Public Health-Outbreak

Public Health-Outbreak Frontline: Outbreak Watch the following video:  (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/outbreak/) Answer the following questions: What is suspected to have started the outbreak? Be as specific as possible for full credit (5 pts) What two diseases was Ebola initially mistaken for? Why would this misclassification be a problem and exacerbate the public health issue? I am looking […]

The Law Individual Project

Individual Liberty And Equal Protection Of The Law Individual Project Read the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. ____(2015), and write a 4–5-page paper addressing the following: Summarize the plaintiffs’ arguments that their substantive due process had been violated. Summarize the plaintiffs’ argument that their rights to equal protection under the law had been violated. […]

Digital Marketing strategies

Digital Marketing strategies Introduction Digital marketing and social media have completely changed the face of marketing. It is not that the older tools and models no longer work (they do!) but, rather, that these tools and models need to be applied in different ways. Digital marketing activities are performed while customers are connected to networks […]


Economy Instructions You are continuing to serve as a private economic consultant for Ruby Red Movie Theater in town. The theater would like to have your input concerning what prices they should charge for movie tickets and the average prices for concession stand items. Access the Unit II Assignment Worksheet in Blackboard. Assignment Instructions: Complete […]