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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Assignment: Journal: —A Personal Perspective Last week, you began exploring the similarities and differences of leadership and management roles and the contributions these roles make to an organization’s functioning. Social workers need to be aware of these similarities and differences in order to determine which management or leadership skills are most appropriate […]


Microeconomics Part one A review of an article of a current economic topic, discuss how it relates to economics 101. Part two A product or service use on everyday life, the factors that influence the demand of that product, the supply of that product, the supply and demand changes that affect the product equilibrium. Changes […]


liabilities Define the term “liabilities.” Be sure to include the three crucial factors/characteristics of liabilities. What is capital stock, and on which financial statement would you find information about it? What is the difference between common stock and preferred stock? What is the difference between “authorized stock” and “issued and outstanding stock”? What is the […]

Chemical and Behavioral Addictions

Chemical and Behavioral Addictions  Scholar Practitioner Project: Many individuals who seek treatment for a chemical addiction may have an unidentified behavioral addiction as well, or it might be the other way around. It is not uncommon for individuals to experience chemical and behavioral cross-addictions, replacing one addiction with another. Some treatment approaches may be appropriate […]

Special education process

Special education process As an elementary-level general education teacher, you are the person most likely to alert other professionals about a student you suspect may have a disability. For this reason, it is important that you know and understand the laws and policies that govern the process involved with special education. This 2-part assignment provides […]

The auditing firm

The auditing firm You are the manager of a local auditing firm. Concerned about your current customer base, you consider the factors that might affect the attractiveness of your auditing firm. You realize you need to conduct business research. You know that service quality and the fees charged by auditors are two well-known factors, and […]


The Importance of Advocacy and Advocacy Competencies in Human Service Professions Read the article below and then follow the instructions underneath it to complete the assignment. Link to Library Article: Snow, K. C. (2013). The Importance of Advocacy and Advocacy Competencies in Human Service Professions. Journal of Human Services, 33(1), 5-16. Summarize the main points of […]

Risk consequences

Risk consequences What are some common examples that you have experienced where you have had to (as a manager or an employee) show kindness, compassion and forgiveness? What examples have you witnessed or been a party to in regard to seeing the connection between positive and negative consequences tied to risks in pursuit of performance […]


Chocolate Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Vfbv6hNeng What was your overall reaction to learning this material? Were you previously aware of how cacao was harvested. How might this Fair Trade system address some of the problems documented in the film? Do you think this documentary will change your consumer buying patterns? What measures can we take to […]

Endocrine system

Endocrine system All of your answers should be written in your own words, using full sentences, correct terminology, and proper spelling and grammar. Explain the anatomical concepts associated with the endocrine system. Explain the physiological concepts associated with the endocrine system. How will you apply the concepts you have learned about the endocrine system in real life and […]