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Health promotion model

Health promotion model Describe a health promotion model used to initiate behavioral changes. How does this model help in teaching behavioral changes? What are some of the barriers that affect a patient’s ability to learn? How does a patient’s readiness to learn, or readiness to change, affect learning outcomes? Note At least 200 words with […]

Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the health care professional and the effect those factors could have on patient education. Give examples of psychosocial factors that affect the patient and the effect those factors could have on patient education. Explain what […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Review the videos in this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights provided on CBT in various settings. Post an explanation of how the use of CBT in groups compares to its use in family or individual settings. Explain at least two challenges PMHNPs might encounter when using CBT in one of these […]

Stages Of Life

Stages Of Life Assessment Description Write  on the Stages-of-Life and the influence of age in health care from a patient’s perspective. Interview a friend or family member about that person’s experiences with the health care system. You may develop your own list of questions. Suggested questions: Do you feel that your stage-of-life had any effect […]

Milestone developments

Milestone developments Scholz’s article is a short history of the social web. You will find many interesting facts, and names and links of many services that emerged on the web for digital communication. Various aspects of communication are listed under subtitles and relevant developments in the area are given. However, the article is, as you […]


Leadership  please answer the following scenarios/prompts: Did you personally experience a resistance to change or observe a resistance to change in other employees within the organization? How did you overcome the resistance to change or help others overcome this? If you did not personally experience a resistance nor observe a resistance to change, what is […]


military distributed learning environment 1.What are the pros and cons of a military distributed learning environment?

sources of law

The sources of law in the United States Prompt: Identify and discuss the differences among the four main sources of law in the United States at both the federal and state level. Also, discuss the concept of natural law, and identify an example of natural law found in one of those four, main sources.  Requirements: […]

Biblical principles

Biblical principles exemplified in the U.S. Constitution Prompt: After reading the assigned scripture (Read Proverbs 21:15, Isaiah 45:5, and Genesis 1:1-22)discuss the biblical principles you see exemplified in the U.S. Constitution and how these principles can be applied to business. Instructions Be specific, using examples to illustrate your points. o Requirements: 250 words minimum

Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing As a scholar-practitioner, it will be important for you to develop your knowledge and skillset in hypothesis testing. As evident in the scenario provided, hypothesis testing establishes a process to determine the probability of observing similar scores noted in the sample under the null hypothesis. For this week, you will examine hypothesis testing […]