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techniques of the speaker

techniques of the speaker use this video link  Stevenson, Bryan. “We Need to Talk about an Injustice.” TED,  February 2012, https://www.ted.com/talks/bryan_stevenson_we_need_to_talk_about_an_injustice. and answer the questions below. MLA format 200 words. Watch the required video. When you are finished, answer the following questions in your initial posting: 1. What are the main claims the speaker gives you in […]

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Chapter-8 Questions How does prescriptive analytics relate to descriptive and predictive analytics? Explain the differences between static and dynamic models. How can one evolve into the other? What is is difference between an optimistic approach and a pessimistic approach to decision-making under assumed uncertainty? Explain why solving problems under uncertainty some- times involves […]


Nutrition Describe the RDAs for proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, as well as any other important vitamins and minerals you feel, should be highlighted for an individual with your selected dietary restrictions or requirements. Suggest specific foods and serving sizes that will help the individual meet their RDAs while considering their dietary or health issues. Note […]

Criminal Law

Criminal Law Instructions Throughout the United States, there are groups of people who are in immigrant, religious communities or indigenous people who are reluctant to trust members of law enforcement, nor wish to participate in any governmental or non-profit program even if their members would substantially benefit from participating in the design and implementation of […]

Forensics and crime analysis

 Forensics and crime analysis Define in your own words: Gametes: Zygotes: Somatic Cells: Mitosis: Meiosis: Draw a cell and the various parts in it and label what they are. Then define what each part does. Please attach as a picture to your discussion. Do you believe that cloning is acceptable? Should it be restricted to […]

safety and health concerns

Understanding and Managing People Locate an article and company policy on one of the topics: OSHA, safety and health concerns, workplace violence, terrorism, or background checks which identify a problem that currently exists in an organizational setting. Summarize the concerns identified in the article and compare to the organizational policy that you located. Discuss whether […]

Clinical Make-up

Clinical Make-up Ticket for Clinical Make-up.  Please complete the following assignment as part of the clinical make up. You will complete this assignment bring it with you to your make-up day. If you do not complete the assignment you can not attend clinical make up , it will be considered an unexcused absence. Define the […]

Global commerce

Global commerce Global marketers can avoid legal conflicts by understanding the reasons conflicts arise in the first place. Identify and describe several legal issues that relate to global commerce.

personal SWOT analysis

personal SWOT analysis Discussion 1: Conduct a personal SWOT analysis.  Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses (skills, talents). What are you good at? What do you need to improve? What do you enjoy doing? What are some of the things that you find unpleasant? Give examples that support your ideas for each statement. Identify career […]

tasks for an employer

Riskiest tasks for an employer For this assignment, you will search the CSU Online Library for an article that addresses how terminating the employer-employee relationship can be one of the riskiest tasks for an employer. It should discuss the many possible impacts of the termination as well as numerous potential legal hurdles. After choosing your […]