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personal SWOT analysis

personal SWOT analysis Discussion 1: Conduct a personal SWOT analysis.  Assess your personal strengths and weaknesses (skills, talents). What are you good at? What do you need to improve? What do you enjoy doing? What are some of the things that you find unpleasant? Give examples that support your ideas for each statement. Identify career […]

tasks for an employer

Riskiest tasks for an employer For this assignment, you will search the CSU Online Library for an article that addresses how terminating the employer-employee relationship can be one of the riskiest tasks for an employer. It should discuss the many possible impacts of the termination as well as numerous potential legal hurdles. After choosing your […]


Advocacy Developing a plan for how you will address needs for advocacy is an integral part of developing a professional counseling identity. To explore your understanding of the different levels and applications of advocacy, including individual client advocacy (called case advocacy in your book), systemic advocacy (called class advocacy in your book), and professional advocacy. […]

Cost Of Capital

Cost Of Capital For this Discussion, imagine the following scenario: You are the director of operations for your company, and your vice president wants to expand production by adding new and more expensive fabrication machines. You are directed to build a business case for implementing this program of capacity expansion. Assume the company’s weighted average […]

health disparities

Information on disparities and population profiles The Office of Minority Health provides information on disparities and population profiles for the following groups on their website: African American American Indian/Alaska Native Asian American Hispanic/Latino Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander Note You are to review the information listed on their website and identify the health disparities that are […]

life expectancy

life expectancy As individuals enter late adulthood, some may look forward to it and find it satisfying, while others may find it challenging. Consider some of the factors that contribute to both perspectives. In what ways is socioeconomic status related to wellness in old age and life expectancy? Is retirement likely to be less stressful […]

Senior living facility report

Senior living facility report Imagine you are a subject matter expert for a company that wants to design and develop a senior living facility in your town or city. The company’s mission is to create an optimal living environment that supports senior aging and development. You have been asked to write a report on a […]

individual behavior

Impact of group culture on individual behavior Humans are influenced by other people. The effects of being socialized in a socio-cultural environment are profound and pervasive. In this Discussion, while taking cultural variables into account, you are asked to consider how group processes may impact individual behavior. For instance, how you conform in your social behavior […]


Economics In Chapter 6 of the textbook, read “Why Market Forces Will Overwhelm a Higher Minimum Wage” by David Neumark then read the following Forbes’ article.  While some information in the article is less current such as the anticipated Biden bill which has been outlined, the article provides a comprehensive history about the minimum wage. After reading both articles, […]

technologies supporting logistics

Leading Strategic Change with Technology The pandemic beginning in 2020 caused major rifts in the world’s supply chains. Chapter 10 of the course text addresses technologies supporting logistics such as robotics, barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and drones. Select two of the technologies and research current uses of the technologies in supply chain management. Share your findings in […]