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IoT solution

IoT solution Part 1 Describe a problem that you currently or recently experienced in your life (whether it’s personal or related to your student life or professional life). Be mindful not to disclose personal information that you do not want us to know about; discuss a problem that you experienced that you are open to […]

Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation Compose a Cultural Orientation Paper. Using concepts from Schein (Chapters 1–2) and Bolman and Deal (Chapter 1), write a five- to six-page paper that describes the culture of your current organization (or an organization which you have been a part of in the past). While this paper should be academic in nature (using […]

 health care strategic management 

 health care strategic management In the last five weeks of the course, what lessons would you share with other health care leaders about creating a strategic plan? Note This is for a health care strategic management course

Competing in the Global Marketplace

Competing in the Global Marketplace Multi-National Corporation (IKEA) Choose and research the organizational structure and organizational culture of your chosen MNC. Discuss the components and type of structure as explained in the textbook. Through news and articles try to make sense of organizational culture and explain with linkages to the class lessons. Textbook International Business: […]


DECIDE framework The DECIDE framework provides a good plan for product evaluation. Evaluate any personal device, such as a TV’s remote control, using the DECIDE framework. Discuss the usability of this framework in the device. What challenges did you face while applying the framework to the device?

logic model

Developing and using a logic model Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 9 and 11 in your course textbook as well as the resource Evaluation Guide: Developing and Using a Logic Model (Links to an external site.). As part of your final paper, design a novel intervention that is a logical conclusion based upon […]

software standards

software standards Please read chapter 24 and review PP slides and IGU online library and reputable resources and discuss: What is software standards? Importance and problems with Standards. Are you in favor or against standards?

Diabetic Fiber diet

Diabetic Fiber diet Do a literature review and provide an overview of the significant literature published on Diabetic Fiber diet. Develop a PICO question, as the elements of a PICO question are used as the key terms for searching electronic bibliographic databases. Present your question using relevant PICO elements and discuss the strategy you used […]

Business leadership and management

Business leadership and management Reflect on where your academic journey has taken you, and where you want to go in your professional career in accounting. How will you use the knowledge and skills you gained while participating in this graduate accounting capstone course towards your job in the United States Army? Note Assess your preparedness […]

Globalization And Risk

Globalization And Risk One goal of a multinational organization is to build, protect and exploit its unique resources to establish a competitive advantage.  A similarly important goal of a multinational organization is to diversify the organization’s financial risk portfolio. Discuss how globalization allows organizations to diversify their financial/business risks and amortize their fixed costs and […]