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Political And Legal Differences

Political And Legal Differences Evaluate how differences in political and legal systems create vast misunderstandings and tremendous opportunities in the international marketplace; then propose how an organization can overcome these misunderstandings and take advantage of these opportunities.

health care system

community and public health nursing from Learning by Experience and Reflection: Develop your vision of the ideal health care system. List some of the characteristics that constitute such a system. What would be the goal or goals of your ideal system? Think about how you would go about implementing your ideal system. Consider some of the […]

Comparative Advantage

Comparative Advantage International economics is dominated by the idea of comparative advantage – that different endowments and activities in different countries make them relatively more or less efficient at different economic activities.  In other words, countries (and organizations) should specialize in the economic activities where they have a competitive edge against the competition. Note APA […]


  How a leader encourages change or fails Discussion Questions: Real-world leaders can be teachers of change management through their example – whether effective or not.  In conjunction with this week’s resources we will discuss with each other just such real-world examples and explain how a leader encourages change or fails. To do so. Using […]

Global business and leadership

Global business and leadership Instructions: To culminate this course on global business and leadership you are tasked with evaluating a global leader.  Successful global leaders deal with change at the international level in order to remain competitive.  Researching a global leader will help you learn about how they tackled and solved a real-world problem of […]

Mobile devices

Mobile devices The latest generation of mobile devices are portable enough to carry at all times, connected to voice and data networks, and contextually aware by using sensors and networks to preemptively complete tasks.  Many of today’s mobile applications are personalized, and are not useful if they can only access the data on the phone.  For a user to get, for example, sports scores, retrieve stock quotes, or perform […]

issues of cost quality and access

issues of cost quality and access in the United States health care system As introduced in Module 3, your Final Project in this course was to come up with your own personal solution to the issues of cost, quality, and access in the United States health care system. You may choose the final format/deliverable for […]

Business Processes and Process Specifications

Business Processes and Process Specifications This is a required assignment, worth 20 points, and must be submitted by the due date. Review the Grading Rubric before completing this assignment. Research a scholarly paper  on “Business Processes, and Process Specifications” and reflect on only one of the following topics: “Processes”: What type of Business Processes exist? […]

global organization

prevention of problems in a global organization Discussion Topic: What are some oft he ways that an evaluation and control system can prevent problems in a global organization?