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Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies Select one of the following emerging technologies: nanotechnology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Describe the emerging technology. What problem was this emerging technology addressing? What were the political effects of this emerging technology? Describe at least one positive political outcome. Describe at least one negative political outcome. What were the social effects of […]

Case study

Case study  Discussion questions 1. Which documents should Maria read before her class? 2. Based on what you know about ISO 27000 program certification, what are the major  steps of the process Maria will have to oversee? Second under Ethical Decision Making, answer the following questions: Should Linda’s history of past improprieties lead Maria to […]

case study

Information Quality And Usability case study A Usability Evaluation examines the way users interact with products and services in order to achieve a goal. Oftentimes, there are measures that are tied to those goals that are quantified. Academic literature has a robust catalog of research on studies that examine various perspectives that explore user attitudes […]

Sources Of Motivation In Exercise And Sport

Sources Of Motivation In Exercise And Sport Explain the four sources, or fuels, for motivation to perform physical activity. Give specific examples of how these fuels can be put into practice by leaders in both exercise and sport contexts.

Managing Cyber security

Managing Cyber security Threats at a Higher Education Institution Write dissertation for 25 pages ((There is dissertation Sample for reference) Fill Application Form (There is Application Sample for reference) Fill Consent Form (There is consent Sample for reference) Fill Risk Assessment form (There is Risk Assessment Sample for reference) Write Appendix for below Appendix A: […]

Adapting To The Host Country

Adapting To The Host Country You are an expatriate (with a spouse and a 6-year-old daughter) sent on assignment for one year to Hong Kong. What should you do to prepare for departure? Why? What training should you or your family complete predeparture? Why? What challenges will you face upon arrival? How can you tell […]

Regurgitation of information

Regurgitation of information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdNP3tCgDus Watch above video and then submit a one page write up here. In this write-up, you will teach someone everything that was learned from the video. This is not a simple summary or regurgitation of information. Rather, you must organize the information and explain it in a way that helps someone […]


Culture For this assignment, you’ll first watch the 2019 Emmy-nominated documentary film American Factory (Directed by Julia Reichert and Steven Bognar). This film is available only on Netflix; however, if you don’t currently have a Netflix account, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial; if you don’t want to keep the service after watching […]

Medical history

Medical history Directions: Jose is a 55-year-old Hispanic, male, migrant worker who speaks limited English. He presented to the emergency room with complaints of edema of the scrotum, urinary retention, and hematuria. He does not have any pertinent past medical history. He is married and has five young children. He states he has been having […]