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Innovative Business Case

Innovative Business Case Developing innovative new products and services is expensive, time-consuming, and extremely risky. Most studies have indicated that the majority of development projects fail. Firms need to make difficult choices about which projects are worth the investment and which of those projects are pursued with a rigorous and well-thought-out development process. Outline an innovation […]

Vulnerability Scans

Create A Virtual Environment And Conduct Vulnerability Scans Assignment 1. Create three virtual systems that meet the following criteria: Use this naming scheme: Across The States Bank. A Windows Server (Latest Version) (English) Domain Controller with the following services installed (at minimum): Server Role: Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) – Promote to DC Server Role: […]

Personal Finance

Seminar In Personal Finance The purpose of the midterm is to step back from the specific personal finance products and services and consider the question of how to develop a winning personal financial plan. The midterm requires you to write approximately four pages(double-spaced) and answer the following questions: 1. Assuming the average American consumer does […]

 Ethical challenges of Uber

 Ethical challenges of Uber Explain how you performed your research for the project with the use of a minimum of 5 different research sources. The names of these research sources can be a website, a book, an eBook, a journal or a newspaper article.  Do not give the website URL address in this section.  Only […]

Thesis statement

Thesis statement Research Project: Outline Assignment Instructions You must create an outline that includes a thesis statement, the research questions/issues being addressed, how much space will be allotted for each section of the paper, and a preliminary reference list of at least 20 scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals. All references must be less than 10 […]


Sexism Click on the hyper text to visit this website on how to read gendered messages in advertisements and then complete the following assignment: Sexism is manifested in magazines through the unrealistic portrayal of men and women. Men are often portrayed as “supermen” who are physically strong, brave, and powerful. Women, on the other hand, […]

Tests of Design and Tests of Effectiveness

Tests of Design and Tests of Effectiveness Part A Background: Differentiating between Design Tests and Effectiveness Tests may seem straightforward; however, based on previous students’ examinations, these concepts seem to be elusive. The purpose of this assignment is for you to clarify your understanding of these concepts. Assignment:  1.Explain the following concepts in your own […]

inheritance conflicts

inheritance conflicts 1. Discuss and explain the inherent conflicts associated with police as intelligence gatherers. 2. Explain the Wiretap Statute and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Find and cite a case in which a person(s) is charged with abuse of either the Wiretap Statute or the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Please give your opinion on […]

crime analysis

crime analysis Identify and describe four crime patterns associated with crime analysis. Which do you believe would be the most effective in investigating a suspect on a mountain bike who approaches female pedestrians and exposes himself. Four incidents have occurred over a 1-month period and the suspect’s description, bicycle description, and actions are very similar […]