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Reflection You will select six (6) scholarly sources, such as books, articles, interviews, etc. that you collected through your research conducted with the Kent State Library scholarly databases.  Your topic of research must build on the critical scholarship surrounding the topic of Technology and Identity. Depending on your research, you may also be using other […]


PLAGIARISM FREE Most of you may have heard the adage, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” This principle is true in multiple areas of life, particularly within the classroom environment. Think back over your educational experiences. What was one of the worst lessons that you can remember enduring? How did the […]

Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics In Business 1- A Massive, Ignored Market Is Ready for Disruption https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/387271 2- US inflation is at a 40-year high. Russia’s war will only make it worse https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/feb/27/russia-ukraine-inflation-us-oil-economy-green-energy 3- Why the Private Equity Secondary Market is Poised to Grow? https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/401332 4- Builders face an end to era of through-the-roof house prices https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/feb/27/builders-face-an-end-to-era-of-through-the-roof-house-prices […]

Case Study Business

Case Study Business Instructions Scott Restaurant Company purchased a commercial freezer from Big Refrigeration Company. The written contract between Scott Restaurant Company and Big Refrigeration Company provided that Scott Restaurant Company would pay Big Refrigeration Company $5,000 for an Arctic Air commercial freezer and an additional $1,000 for delivery and installation of the commercial freezer. […]


Valid arguments and invalid Do the exercises below. Be sure to scroll down for the full set. Which of the following arguments are valid? Which are invalid?   Donna will get an A in philosophy if an only if she writes a good paper. Donna got an A in philosophy. Therefore, she wrote a good paper. B. […]

Journal Accounting

Journal Accounting Instructions Reflect on a time where you had to rely on fixed and variable costs to predict total cost. What would you have done had you not had that information to use? Consider a time when you had to rely on fixed and variable costs to predict total costs. Reflect on the possible […]


Assessment Questions Accounting QUESTION 11 The managerial accountant at Sunny Manufacturing needs to determine how many costs are fixed costs and how many costs are variable costs in the organization. The managerial accountant reported the following information: Sunny Manufacturing Cost Report  CostsJanuary1,800$21,500February2,900$23,200March1,000$19,750April2,400$21,000May3,400$23,900 Use the high-low method to determine the cost equation and use machine hours […]

Data mining

Data mining Data mining helps in workflow design in hospitals and can uncover relationships that are hidden in the complexity of multiple processes. Explain what relationships would be helpful to the nurse administrator in making quality improvement decisions. Why is it important for the nurse executive to work closely with the advanced analytics professional? What […]

Nursing History

Legacy Of Nursing History Select a nurse that historically contributed to the advancement of the profession. 1.Describe the background of the nurse you selected. 2.Discuss the major social issues occurring at the time this nurse lived. 3.Describe two contributions this nurse made to the nursing profession including an explanation of how these two unique contributions […]


Ethics Option 1. Do you identify more with Kant’s deontology or Bentham’s Utilitarianism from Chapter 5?  Is intention more important than consequences? Give an example of a difficult decision you made that you feel was the morally right decision. Was your decision based on intention, on consequences, or on a combination of both? Option 2. Refer to […]