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Nursing History

Legacy Of Nursing History Select a nurse that historically contributed to the advancement of the profession. 1.Describe the background of the nurse you selected. 2.Discuss the major social issues occurring at the time this nurse lived. 3.Describe two contributions this nurse made to the nursing profession including an explanation of how these two unique contributions […]


Ethics Option 1. Do you identify more with Kant’s deontology or Bentham’s Utilitarianism from Chapter 5?  Is intention more important than consequences? Give an example of a difficult decision you made that you feel was the morally right decision. Was your decision based on intention, on consequences, or on a combination of both? Option 2. Refer to […]


SLUSH 1.Describe your perspective on how mission/vision statements should drive healthcare delivery decisions. 2.Discuss why many mission/vision statements do not drive healthcare decisions and why.


SPLASH As a nursing leader you have been asked to assess the mission/vision statement of an organization. Choose a Mission/Vision statement and create a PowerPoint presentation identifying components of the chosen Mission/Vision statement that clearly drive patient care and components that are cloudy or ambiguous. Provide alternate statements that clarify the Mission/Vision statement for quality […]


Literature Look carefully at the quotation that appears above. Virtually every literary character in Moore, Dante, Homer, Virgil, Sophocles, Marlowe, and Shakespeare who we will read about together, cannot stay on a diet or steadfastly refuses to embark upon one in the first place. Select a temptation (in one of these texts) that threatens to […]

How to do Philosophy

How to do Philosophy Bring comments and questions about “How to do Philosophy” to this discussion board. An original post is due on Wed. and two replies are due on Friday. Posts should be 200 words, though I’m not as particular about length as I am about engagement with the material. While I want to […]

financial information

financial information The practice of reporting financial information as a function in today’s operation of a medical practice is particularly important due to intense demands for fiscal acuity. Therefore, it’s important to understand the difference between cash and accrual accounting. What is the difference between cash-basis accounting and accrual accounting? Why select one and not the […]

  health and illness beliefs

  health and illness beliefs discuss how health and illness beliefs can influence the assessment process, Include how belief structure might impact how a client responds to an assessment interview and how culture might influence physical findings.

 philosophy assignment

 philosophy assignment Part a) read six passages, determine whether they contain an argument, an explanation, or a description. Explain your choice with direct reference to the meaning of the term you identify. Your answer should be sufficiently detailed to prove or demonstrate that your identification of the passages is correct   Part b)  Using the […]


COSO framework of internal controls The COSO framework of internal controls is practiced within companies around the world. The objectives of the COSO framework are closely related to its five components. For this week’s activity, please; 1.discuss these five components of the COSO framework. Be sure to include each components’ impact on each of the […]