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Financial institutions

  Financial institutions Your niece just started her college career with a major in economics. She is curious as to the interrelationship between the success of an economy and the financial markets, concepts, and financial institutions. Accordingly, she has developed a list of questions addressing these issues and has asked that you explain the ideas. […]


Technology A. Review current computer/technology-related magazines and journals and then, Select five (5) technological products NOT CATEGORIES from your review that you consider to be on the “cutting edge” of technology. Give at least a ONE-page product review of each one. This is to be done in your own words. Discuss the products in terms […]


 PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT   Task This is an individual task. The task focuses on areas studied to date, requiring you to show knowledge and application in the parts stated. You should upload a single, correctly formatted document which may also include any relevant tables and diagrams QUESTIONS (50%) Describe carefully all the tasks of a Production Manager […]


Evidence Based Practice Introductions Please create your Self-Introduction focusing on your experience with evidence-based practice please identify your: • Educational and Clinical experience • What is your experience with Evidence Based Practice or Research • Areas of Advanced Practice you are interested in researching for your MSN Capstone Project • Personal goals for learning about […]

market program activities

evaluate the market program activities Identify and evaluate the market program activities/7Ps and the inherent product attributes perceived by customers/buyers and supply chain members. (Brand: m&m’s chocolate)

Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record Create a process map on Electronic Health Record (EHR). Once the map is created identify what type of map it is, add a title to the map and one paragraph illustrating what the overall process problem is being solved. Note Do not include an organizational chart which is a process map but […]

Diversity In Business

Diversity In Business 2 part question: Total 4 pages Part 1: Share an example of unsuccessful intercultural or cross-cultural communication in your workplace. If you do not have a personal example, provide an example from a story that was in the news recently. Why was this communication unsuccessful? The entry must be at least 200 […]


Java Prompt: Take the opportunity to engage with classmates on all matters regarding Java. Asking for and providing assistance are solid ways to build your coding skills. You are required to provide at least one of the following each week: A question regarding how to accomplish a certain task from this week’s assignment or project […]

MLA and an APA references

MLA and an APA references APA Format/MLA Format 1. Create both a MLA and an APA example reference for each of the following: 1 . A book with one author: Author: Barbara Oakley, Title: A mind for numbers : how to excel at math and science (even if you flunked algebra) Publication info.: New York […]

Collaboration Tool

Collaboration Tool Assuming you are part of a team that has team members in various part of the world, the team member needs to work together on a project.  They need to share documents, have ongoing live conference meetings to discuss project status and collaborate on design documents, keep track the changes made to project documents, able to do online discussion and […]