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Diagnostic Interview

Conducting a Diagnostic Interview With a Mental Status Exam Assignment: Conducting a Diagnostic Interview With a Mental Status Exam (MSE) Before moving through diagnostic decision making, a social worker needs to conduct an interview that builds on a biopsychosocial assessment. New parts are added that clarify the timing, nature, and sequence of symptoms in the […]

recreation in the community

Importance of having adapted recreation in the community Adapted Recreation Programs Watch the video and discuss the importance of having adapted recreation in the community. Note 200 word requirement

STI testing center

STI testing center You will find an STI testing center and collect necessary information of the site. Information such as; hours, price, what STI’s do they test for, who does the tests, how to get an appointment, etc. Remember these are PROMPT questions. You must be in-depth and expand on important information i.e. if you […]


Liberty 1.What did the Founding Fathers (including Paine, Jefferson, Madison, and other authors of our founding documents) mean by the terms “Liberty” and “Freedom?” 2. How did they define these terms?  What measures to protect liberty did they put into the Constitution? 3.Which “liberties” did they seek to protect, and which liberties did they fail […]

Advanced practice registered nurses

Advanced practice registered nurses An ongoing challenge for advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) has been changing state legislation that allow APRNs to practice to the fullest extent to which they were academically prepared. For this discussion question, contact the Board of Nursing (BON) in your state or access your BON online. Examine laws that govern […]

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting After reading through the material on intermittent fasting this week, what is your view on its safety and efficacy? Would you recommended intermittent fasting to family, friends or clients as a health education professional? If so, which type of fasting do you recommend and why? If not, what type of eating pattern would […]


Equations solve for α in the oblique triangle ABC; AB = 30; AC = 15, and angle B = 20° type out the two equations substituting the numbers from the diagram. First, type out the Law of Sines set of relationships. Next, type out the most appropriate version to use the Law of Cosines for […]

promote collaborative learning

frame and promote collaborative learning Guidelines and Rubric for Online Discussion Boards The purpose of the discussion board is to frame and promote collaborative learning.  Active and regular participation is not only important for me to see, but also important for you in learning the course content and in developing your thoughts and positions on […]


Devotion Wk1: Devotion Read Mark 3:14 using any version of the Bible. Some would claim that Jesus was the greatest strategist of all time. Based on this passage, what was the strategy of Jesus for leadership development? Note Reflect by Day 5 in 75-125 words.