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Gerontology Questions Please do all questions and answer them in its entirety: Please cite your references 1. How can aging affect nutrition in the older adult? 2.What are some factors that are utilized to determine caloric intake of older adults.? 3. What are some basic life -sustaining needs of the older adult? 4.What are some health challenges […]

Evidence Based Project

Evidence Based Project In the pediatric emergency department, how does the presence of a physician or advanced practice provider in triage affect left without being seen rates? -Background -Methodology -Data -Challenges/Barriers -Conclusions/Next Steps -References in APA format


Journal #2 What are the consequences of short staffing in a hospital. How can management help reduce the number of patient to nurse ratio, also explain how over working can negatively effect the nurse in their daily life.

Nursing History

Theory Go to the Nursing History page. Other historical sites include: Military Nurse, Historical African American Nurses,  Mary Breckenridge, Edith Cavell, Lillian Wald, Famous Nurses, ANA Hall of Fame View at least two sites, list the sites visited, and ha discuss how nursing historys influenced current nursing philosophy, theory, science, and ultimately practice, based upon the sites that you visited. Be specific by demonstrating […]


Response Number 1 Post: RW Trichomonas is the most common non-viral sexually transmitted infection in the world.  It is an important source of reproductive morbidity and thus is a public health problem.  However, it is not a reportable disease and surveillance is not generally done.  Most person infected with trichomonas are asymptomatic.  The treatment of choice for women has […]

Ethics Of Human Cloning

Ethics Of Human Cloning The current state of the debate, include at least one (1) external reference An argument in favor of human cloning, include at least two (2) external references An argument against human cloning, include at least two (2) external references A detailed explanation of which argument you found most convincing A step-by-step […]

Democratic Leadership Style

Democratic Leadership Style 2 References required 1. Summarize your leadership style, traits, and practices. (Democratic Leadership) 2. Explain why it is important for nursing professionals to be aware of their personal leadership style, traits, and practices.

Evidence-Based Concept Map In Healthcare

Evidence-Based Concept Map In Healthcare Guiding Questions: Concept Map This document is designed to give you questions to consider and additional guidance to help you successfully complete the Concept Map assessment. You may find it useful to use this document as a pre-writing exercise, as an outlining tool, or as a final check to ensure […]

Nurse Practitioner

Individual Professional Practice Document: Nurse Practitioner Instructions After passing your certification exam, the next step is to obtain your Nurse Practitioner (RN/NP) license. Then you should apply for prescriptive authority in the state in which you plan to practice. In some states, this requires a collaborating/ supervising physician; in some states, there are restrictions for […]

prescriptive authority regulations in the state

Week 6 Discussion 1: Prescriptive Authority: State Regulations Initial Post To get started, review the Nurse Practitioner Interactive Map. In your initial post, please identify the prescriptive authority regulations in the state where you are going to practice. Are there any restrictions, supervision, or collaboration required from a physician? If so, please explain. If you will […]