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Virginia laws  on cohabitation

Virginia laws  on cohabitation Locate and read Virginia laws (statutes and case law) on cohabitation and answer the following: Is cohabitation legal in Virginia?  If so, since when?  And, according to what law?  If not, according to what law? Does Virginia follow the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act, a modified version, or its own state version? […]

Virginia’s law on ethical walls

Virginia’s law on ethical walls Answer the following prompt using complete sentences, good grammar, spelling, and punctuation, utilize a word processing program, and proofread your work before submitting. Be sure to explain your answers and back yourself up with either references to the textbook reading or outside sources, preferably primary sources of law, such as […]

key parameters of the juvenile justice system in the United States

Juvenile Justice System Paper Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the key parameters of the juvenile justice system in the United States. Address the following: The historical development of the juvenile justice system. Use case law or legislation to strengthen your discussion. Predominant philosophy of the juvenile system Key differences between the juvenile and adult […]

3004 Case Study – New Country

3004 Case Study – New Country To Prepare: Imagine that you are a consultant for a nation that is drafting a new constitution and developing a new judicial system. This new nation would like to model its system on the United States in many ways (or the system in the country in which you reside), […]

journal article from the TNCC library database

Organization Communication Identify an academic, peer-reviewed journal article from the TNCC library database that deals with any aspect of organizations and communication and then summarize the main points of the article in a one-page summary as a Microsoft Word document (formatted in the APA style). Your summary should include the following elements: Summary of the main points of […]

FDIC’s powers

FDIC’s powers Question 1 a – Please list formal enforcement powers, and the federal bank regulatory agency to which they are principally granted, for dealing with troubled institutions. b – Do the powers go farther than necessary to achieve the goals assigned to the regulator? Explain. Question 2 Please list various approaches to failed bank […]

Thinking Like a Criminologist

Thinking Like a Criminologist In the context of Chapter 1, vignette “Thinking Like a Criminologist” (by the end of the section on “Ethical Issues in Criminology), is it fair or ethical to label people as potentially criminal and violent even though they have not yet exhibit yet any antisocial behavior? Do the risks of such […]

Sacred Law in terms of its other designation Islamic Law

Sacred Law in terms of its other designation Islamic Law Discuss the Sacred Law in terms of its other designation Islamic Law. Discuss the following: the two primary sources of Islamic Law, Crime and Punishment under Sharia, and equality and Islamic Justice. Compare these laws to US law. In your opinion, which sets of laws […]

criminal theft

Chapter 4 Assignment Start Assignment Points 100 Submitting a file upload Answer the following questions. 1. What are some of the malware employed by terrorists, hacktivists, corporate spies, criminals, and pleasure seekers? 2. Discuss various methods of the criminal theft of information or data manipulation. 3. Discuss how a traditional crime such as dissemination of contraband and offensive […]