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Criminal Organization Legislation

Assignment: Criminal Organization Legislation Combating gangs and organized crime groups is a daunting task for a variety of reasons, one of which is the lack of cooperation from witnesses in criminal investigations. Witnesses are often hesitant to testify against gang members and organized crime figures because they fear that they or their family will be […]

Reflect on Miller and colleagues’ research on new graduate preparedness in working with electronic medical records

  Reflect on Miller and colleagues’ research on new graduate preparedness in working with electronic medical records (EMR) Reflect on Miller and colleagues’ research on new graduate preparedness in working with electronic medical records (EMR). What challenges and benefits do you anticipate, or have you experienced, when interfacing with the EMR? What strategies can you […]

Hearing & Eye Age-Related Diseases

Hearing & Eye Age-Related Diseases Define presbycusis, name signs and symptoms, etiology and differential diagnosis. Create 3 interventions-education measures with a patient with Presbycusis. List, define and elaborate on three different retinal and macular diseases age-related.

Ethical Dilemma On Confused Patient

Ethical Dilemma On Confused Patient Criterion Search minimum of a scholarly nursing journals or national newspaper for peer review articles or scholarly nursing journal article about health care involving ethical dilemma in nursing. Must be referenced in your paper. Ethical dilemma is consent from Confused patient for medical procedure of angiogram The paper addresses the […]


Discussion Scenario: You have just mentored a group of medical-surgical nurses on your unit through an EBP project aimed at addressing Hospital Associated Pressure Injury Rates, and your results were astounding! You want to disseminate your results quickly to let the world know of your team’s successes. The nurses know the results need to be disseminated […]

kidney injury

Week 13/2 Assessment Description Answer both of the following questions. Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed resources. Differentiate acute renal insufficiency versus acute kidney injury (AKI). Explain the diagnosis, etiology, and treatment for both. Describe the types of AKI including prerenal, intrarenal, and postrenal etiologies. Include diagnostic criteria for each etiology. Define chronic […]

Genetics/Human Project

Genetics/Human Project 350 words needed always for discussions.  1.   Research a genetic disorder of your choice. Pick any of the 3,000 – 5,000 genetic disorders. Discuss what the disorder is, the symptoms, and how it affects an individual.  2. Also, what is the Human Genome Project, and its goals? 3. What is your thoughts on “genetic engineering” of […]

calcium abnormalities

CAT 3 Cat 1 Chapters 240 and 241 in your Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine text detail several electrolyte abnormalities. After completing your assigned readings, answer the following questions; 1. How is serum calcium regulated? 1. What body system dysfunctions would cause calcium abnormalities? 2. The GI tract, kidneys, and skeletal system are integral […]


Theory Go to the Nursing History page. Other historical sites include: Military Nurse, Historical African American Nurses,  Mary Breckenridge, Edith Cavell, Lillian Wald, Famous Nurses, ANA Hall of Fame View at least two sites, list the sites visited, and discuss how nursing history has influenced current nursing philosophy, theory, science, and ultimately practice, based upon the sites that you visited. Be specific by […]