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Organizational To prepare for the  Assessment, choose a well-known corporation, such as Samsung, Starbucks, Ford Motor Company, or Waste Management, that implemented a major change. Analyze the corporation’s change process based on Kotter’s 8-Step to Change using the Organizational Change Chart. Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model Step One: Create Urgency. Step Two: Form a Powerful Coalition. Step Three: Create a Vision for Change. Step Four: […]


Management Purpose of Assessment Develop specific strategies with supporting tactics to implement positive change within an organization. You may refer to the information that you prepared in Week 5 to complete this assignment, but your submission should add to your prior research and not just copy your Week 5 assignment. Scenario:  You’ve been hired as a […]

Python Course Capstone

Python Course Capstone Description Python and the database tool SQLite, you will develop a functionally project of your choice from the Capstone Project List. You will begin with an approach/strategy statement of the project, use the topics covered in class and document your code using comments inline to the code. And most of all, have […]


Counselling Analyze the ethical implications of a counselor expressing their values to a client. Identify actions a counselor might take when confronted with clients they find difficult to treat due to differences in values/beliefs regarding one or more of the following issues: abortion, suicide, adultery, drug use, domestic violence, and child abuse. Identify some of […]

occurrence at school

An occurrence at school Part I – Describe an example of an occurrence and discuss where your school/school district, etc., took action, created policy, etc., which was specific to upholding and protecting students Constitutional rights. Part II – Describe an example of litigation involving your school regarding student Constitutional rights. Explain any change which followed […]


Ride-along This project will relate the concepts learned in class to the real-world environment.  You will participate in a ride-along with a local police officer. The ride-along must be with a patrol officer/deputy with a local law enforcement agency that responds to calls for service, such as a police department or sheriff’s office. After the […]

Claudio To Hero

A Poem From Claudio To Hero three quatrains and a concluding couplet. •rhyme=abab cdcd efef gg •4 sections divided by punctuation •iambic pentameter (10 syllables per line) •summary in final couplet (last two lines rhyme)

PTSD Symptoms and Treatment for Adults

PTSD Factors Associated with PTSD Symptoms Following Treatment for Adults It’s 6 pages Paper. For this assignment, you will be reviewing and critiquing 5 recently published research articles found in scholarly psychological journals. The topic of this paper will be on a topic related to PTSD.  This assignment is intended to help you to: 1) […]

Cyber Threats And Defense

Practices For Cyber Threats And Defense questions 1. Define what constitutes a secure posture and how it helps in understanding the importance of having a good defense and attack strategy. 2. Describe the Incident Response Process and the importance of having one? Be sure to include some industry standards and best practices for handling incident […]

Week 3: Assignment 1: Sensory Activity Worksheet

Week 3: Assignment 1: Sensory Activity Worksheet Sight Activity Supplies Needed Sunglasses or glasses. Place a small amount of Vaseline (or lotion) on the lens of the sunglasses/glasses. Do not over apply. Textbook Pen or pencil   Activity Description Imagine you are in class and you have just been told of a pop quiz. You […]