Social Network Sites

Social Network Sites

A reflection on discussing both sides of the social capital argument presented in the articles you read this week. What is digital inequality?  What risks and needs do you negotiate in your own Social Network Sites usage?


1000 words minimum + Reference page

Data Identify Challenges

Data Identify Challenges

Prior to writing your analysis, reflect on the following questions as informed by equity and social justice lenses:


Organize your data (CAEP A.1.1;) so that it helps you accurately interpret the results (spreadsheets, tables, graphs, charts, etc.). Write an analysis that explains the gaps in the data in relation to equity and social justice concerns. The gaps are determined by synthesizing the differences between the results the school is getting with its current processes, and the results the school should want to achieve (what is and what should be).


Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity


In this course, you will be creating templates each week that will celebrate your growing awareness of cultural diversity.  The template is a collection of images, videos, and reflections all centered on the weekly theme found in your unit Learning Content.  The template is divided into portions representing different aspects of the humanities including dance, music, literature, art, and others that will create a text reflecting your awareness of cultural diversity.

For the first unit, you will explore your unique contributions to cultural diversity.

  • Download the Journey Begins with You Template
  • Follow the template instructions
  • Demonstrate your understanding of key concepts from the weekly content by including analysis of specific evidence in your responses within the template.
  • Use in-text citations and APA formatting for all source material references in your template.
  • Upload the completed template to this assessment.
  • The grading criteria for this assignment are outlined in the rubric below.


  impacts on an information technology organization

1. Your course covered many models of leadership some of which are contingency, project management, etc. choose any model of leadership and discuss its impact on an information technology organization leadership

2. In your coursework, you examined several Quantitative and qualitative studies. Critique how both quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis have been applied to researchers in your specialty area (block chain, Cybersecurity. General IT, or forensics). Examine and comment on the appropriateness of using either method or a combination to advance the field of information technology

3. Discuss how the body of knowledge in IT has evolved and how understanding the scholarly literature in information technology will assist you in conducting your own research.


– All questions should be answered in own words with a high standard of writing. No references are required. Each question should be answered in 750-800 words



How to describe the most effective method to carry out your research and  incorporating the critical elements for the research design part of your final project.
I. Explain the appropriate design and methodology for investigating your research question. Justify why these are appropriate for the study. For example, if investigating risk management practices of athletic directors, you could utilize the survey method to collect data.

II. Explain the strengths and weaknesses of your selected research design and methodology.

III. Explain the strategies that will be used to gather research and data and why these strategies will be effective.

Guidelines for Submission:

Your draft (approximately 2 pages in length

Exercise intensity and its effect on body composition

Exercise intensity and its effect on body composition

Using the topic you selected on Exercise intensity and its effect on body composition. Formulate it as a research question.

Example topic:

Exercise intensity and its effect on muscular hypertrophy.

Example Research Question (RQ): What is the effect of resistance training at >85%1RM vs. 65-75%1RM on the development of muscular hypertrophy?


The RQ is stated in such a way as to be open-ended (cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no”) and allows for both a null and research hypothesis.  The independent and dependent variables should be identifiable within the RQ.

Literature Review

Complete a Literature Review on your chosen topic.

  • Your review must include between 10-20 peer-reviewed journal articles.
    • Ideally, keep your searches to work published in the last ten years, though foundational work may still have relevance and can be included as well – use discernment when including older sources.
  • Please divide your review into 3-5 sub-headings that provide structure to your work and tell the story of what is currently known about the topic.
  • The introductory paragraph of the review should clearly identify your chosen topic and briefly explain the relevance of your sub-headings.

An example review is attached for reference here.

It is strongly recommended you create an outline of your Lit Review to help organize your writing.  It is also sometimes helpful to create an annotated bibliography to organize your work prior to compiling your final Lit Review.  An annotated bibliography should answer the following questions for each paper:

a.  What was the purpose of the study?

b.  Describe the subjects/participants in this study (age/ethnicity/other important information).  How were they recruited?

c.  What data were collected for this study?  Be as specific as possible (what was measured?)

d.  What were the findings/results of this study?

e.  What were the conclusions drawn by the authors of this study?

f.      How do the results of this paper help you answer your research question?


An example of an annotated article is given below.

Astorino et al., 2012: Effect of High-Intensity Interval Training on Cardiovascular Function, VO2max, and Muscular Force

  1. The purpose of this study was was to examine the effects of short-term high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on cardiovascular function, cardiorespiratory fitness, and muscular force.
  2. Subjects were 20 young, active males and females between the ages of 20 and 29 with body fat percentages ranging between 7% and 20%.  Subjects were all of similar physiological characteristics and socioeconomic background.  Subjects were volunteers and met inclusion criteria set by the P.I.
  3. The data collected included changes in resting blood pressure (BP) and heart rate (HR), VO2max, body composition, oxygen (O2) pulse, peak, mean, and minimum power output, fatigue index, and voluntary force production of the knee flexors and extensors.  All data was collected pre- and post-training.
  4. Significant (p < 0.05) improvements were found in VO2max, O2 pulse, and Wingate-derived power output in the HIIT group. The magnitude of improvement in VO2max was related to baseline VO2max (r = -0.44, p = 0.05) and fatigue index (r = 0.50, p < 0.05). There was no change (p > 0.05) in resting BP, HR, or force production. Data show that HIIT significantly enhanced VO2max, O2 pulse and power output in active men and women.
  5. The conclusions drawn from the results suggest that 2 weeks of HIIT improves VO2max, and peak and mean power output in active, young males and females.
  6. This study sheds light on the ability of HIIT to influence markers of cardiovascular function and VO2max in a similar fashion to that of aerobic exercise.

Mental and physical health barriers

The Education Barriers for Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey: Mental and physical health barriers

General Introduction

Research objectives and question


(1500 words without reference)

            Research design and method

  • Completely secondhand case study
  • Why choose case study and illustrate case study
  • The advantage to choose case study
  • Some limitations




nursing informatics

significance within nursing informatics

Tool (e.g., computer hardware or software), and discuss its significance within nursing informatics. Explain why you chose this particular term to discuss and why you feel it is important to advanced nursing practice.


  • 1 page
  • 1 scholarly article

 The epidemiologist

 The epidemiologist

If you were the state epidemiologist and it was suspected that smoke from the local toy factory was connected to adverse health outcomes among the town’s residents, what type of cohort study would you conduct to further investigate this concern? Why? What limitations exist in your choice of study?


Remember to cite sources where necessary.

If you have to use the book:

Chapter 7