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Big Data Analytics In Business

1- A Massive, Ignored Market Is Ready for Disruption

2- US inflation is at a 40-year high. Russia’s war will only make it worse

3- Why the Private Equity Secondary Market is Poised to Grow?

4- Builders face an end to era of through-the-roof house prices

5- What is a stock market correction? And will it get worse as Russia invades Ukraine?

6- Secret JPMorgan project aims to push bank deeper into growing market serving private companies

7- Bankruptcy Spells Death for Too Many Businesses

8- Why Finance Is Ripe for Disruption

9- Crypto exchanges choose ‘financial freedom’ and refuse to block Russian users

10- Oil Rallies as Texas’ Wintry Cold Hits Output in Shale Heartland

11- The slumps that shaped modern finance

12- Chevron to take a lead in biofuels with deal to buy Renewable Energy Group

13- The Amazing Shrinking Markets

14- Painting Your Business’s Growth Picture


1 page (min 300 words) double space Times New Roman for each Article.

Totally 14 pages. (14 different Summary)





Case Study Business

Case Study Business


Scott Restaurant Company purchased a commercial freezer from Big Refrigeration Company. The written contract between Scott Restaurant Company and Big Refrigeration Company provided that Scott Restaurant Company would pay Big Refrigeration Company $5,000 for an Arctic Air commercial freezer and an additional $1,000 for delivery and installation of the commercial freezer. Write a case study that considers the questions below. Is this contract subject to Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? Why, or why not? Does it make a difference if Scott Restaurant Company or Big Refrigeration Company are merchants? Why, or why not? Next, consider that Big Refrigeration Company delivered an Admiral Craft commercial freezer to Scott Restaurant Company on the date the contract required but, before the freezer was installed, a representative of Scott Restaurant Company recognized that the freezer that was delivered was not the brand that the contract specified. Include responses to the questions below in your case study.


Your case study should be at least two pages in length and include at least two outside sources. Be sure to use APA formatting for all citations and references. Please note that no abstract is needed.


Valid arguments and invalid

Do the exercises below. Be sure to scroll down for the full set.

  1. Which of the following arguments are valid? Which are invalid?
  2.   Donna will get an A in philosophy if an only if she writes a good paper. Donna got an A in philosophy. Therefore, she wrote a good paper. B.  If Donna writes a good paper, she will get an A in philosophy. Donna got an A in philosophy. Therefore, she wrote a good paper. C. If whales are mammals, then they are not fish. Whales are fish. Whales are not mammals. D. If the rapture has occurred, then either some of the cars on the highway will be unoccupied or all drivers are damned. Some drivers are not damned. None of the cars on the highway are unoccupied. Therefore, the rapture has not occurred. E  Some snarks are bandersnatches. All bandersnatches are igglypoofs. So, some snarks are igglypoofs.
  3. Answer the following questions. Give short explanations that reason from the definitions of the relevant logical concepts
  4. Does an argument provide a good reason for believing its conclusion if it is valid? Explain.
  5. Can a valid argument have a false conclusion? Explain.
  6. Can a sound argument have a false conclusion? Explain.
  7. What is it for a statement to be valid? (trick question)
  8. Which of the following arguments are inductively strong? Which are weak?
  9. It has rained every day in the Darién Gap for the past twenty-five years. Thus it will probably rain in the Darién Gap tomorrow.
  10. People try on shoes before buying them. People drive cars before signing up for a three-year lease. People take a close look at travel information before committing to an expensive vacation. Thus people should have sex with each other before committing to marriage.
  11. Two teenagers were found writing graffiti on the school walls yesterday. Thus all teenagers are delinquents.
  12. A reliable study showed that 90 percent of Bellevue College’s students want better food in the school cafeteria. Latisha is a student at Bellevue College. It follows that Latisha probably wants better food at the cafeteria.
  13. Upon landing at the SeaTac Airport, plane passengers saw broken buildings, large cracks in the runway, fire engines running about, and paramedics assisting injured people. The passengers concluded that an earthquake just occurred.
  14. Answer the following questions. Give short explanations based on the definitions of the relevant concepts.
  15. Explain how deductive validity and inductive strength differ.
  16. Can the conclusion of an inductively cogent argument be false? Explain.
  17. Must an inductively strong argument have true premises? Explain.


Validity Recap:

It will help to keep these categories separate:

Statements or claims can be true or false, but not valid, sound, strong or cogent.

Arguments are sets of statements. Arguments can’t be true or false. The can be valid, sound strong or cogent.

Properties of Statements (or claims) Properties of Arguments
True or false Valid




When we way an argument is valid (or strong) we are not claiming that its premises are true. We are only claiming that IF they are true, then the conclusion is true (or likely to be true in the case of strength).

Arguments Deductive Inductive
Premises support conclusion Valid

If the premises are then the conclusion must be true


If the premises are true then the conclusion is likely to be true

Support + true premises Sound

Valid an all premises are true


Strong and all premises are true

Valid argument can have false premises and they can have false conclusions. When we say an argument is valid we are only saying that the conclusion must be true IF all the premises are true. Each of the arguments in the chart below is valid:

True Premises Some false premises
True conclusion 1.      If cats are felines then they nurse their young.

2.      Cats are felines

3.      So cats nurse their young.

1.       If dogs are felines then they nurse their young

2.      Dogs are felines

3.      So dogs nurse their young

False conclusion No such thing. For an argument to be valid is for it to be impossible for it premises to be true and its conclusion false. 1.      If fish are felines then they nurse their young

2.      fish are felines

3.      So fish nurse their young


Journal Accounting

Journal Accounting


Reflect on a time where you had to rely on fixed and variable costs to predict total cost. What would you have done had you not had that information to use? Consider a time when you had to rely on fixed and variable costs to predict total costs. Reflect on the possible outcome had one of these two variables not been known. Explain what you might have done. Note: If you have not had to rely on fixed and variable costs to predict cost before, identify what you would do if placed in that situation


Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.


Assessment Questions Accounting


  1. The managerial accountant at Sunny Manufacturing needs to determine how many costs are fixed costs and how many costs are variable costs in the organization. The managerial accountant reported the following information:
    Sunny Manufacturing
    Cost Report
    Use the high-low method to determine the cost equation and use machine hours as the base for a cost driver in the analysis.


  1. The controller for Camden’s Bike Shop has gathered the following cost and activity level information:
    Average total cost per unit$225.00Production level used to calculate average cost1,000Total fixed costs$80,000

    1. What is the total cost of producing 1,000 racing bicycles?
    2. What is the variable cost of producing each racing bicycle?
    3. Suppose the controller uses the average cost to predict total costs. What total cost would the controller calculate for 2,500 racing bicycles?
    4. If the controller uses the cost equation to predict total costs, what total cost would the controller calculate for 2,500 racing bicycles?
    5. Is there a difference between the forecasted total cost using average cost versus the cost equation? If there is a difference, what creates the difference? If there is no difference, when would there be a difference?


  1. The managerial accountant at Fast and Mean Manufacturing reported that the organization contains an automated production line to manufacture and produce its products for consumers to enjoy in the marketplace. The managerial accountant reported that the company uses the high-low method to estimate the costs in the new budget. The managerial accountant reported the following information:
    Month Total Machine-Hours Total CostsJanuary250,000$5,500,000February248,000$5,260,000March249,000$5,400,000April248,000$5,220,000May238,000$5,180,000June230,000$5,130,000

    1. Compute the slope of the mixed cost, or the variable cost per unit of activity.
    2. Compute the vertical intercept, or the fixed cost component of the mixed cost.
    3. What is the mixed cost equation?

Data mining

Data mining

Data mining helps in workflow design in hospitals and can uncover relationships that are hidden in the complexity of multiple processes.

  1. Explain what relationships would be helpful to the nurse administrator in making quality improvement decisions.
  2. Why is it important for the nurse executive to work closely with the advanced analytics professional?
  3. What is data governance and how and who will monitor?

Nursing History

Legacy Of Nursing History

Select a nurse that historically contributed to the advancement of the profession.

1.Describe the background of the nurse you selected.

2.Discuss the major social issues occurring at the time this nurse lived.

3.Describe two contributions this nurse made to the nursing profession including an explanation of how these two unique contributions influenced current nursing practice.



Option 1. Do you identify more with Kant’s deontology or Bentham’s Utilitarianism from Chapter 5?  Is intention more important than consequences? Give an example of a difficult decision you made that you feel was the morally right decision. Was your decision based on intention, on consequences, or on a combination of both?

Option 2. Refer to Box 6.3 on page 254 in your textbook. Consider the idea that rationality creates good decisions. Identify a decision you made that could have used more reason (logic) to arrive at a good or moral decision or identify a decision that you made rationally that could have used more emotion.


Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words and should adequately answer the following asked. You should then respond to two classmates by elaborating on something said, giving clarification, or asking a question. Each response post should be between 25-50 words.  Your initial post is worth 15 points, and each response post is worth 5 points. See the Syllabus for the grading criteria.

second question

. You may use your textbook or any other course content without citations. However, if you use info. from outside the course (online or print), please complete an MLA citation for each source used. Your chapter summary should be a minimum of 2 pages (MLA format).

In a journal format, answer or elaborate on the following:

1. Overview of Utilitarianism: In your own words, explain what you understand about utilitarianism. If someone asked you what you studied in this chapter, what could you tell that person? What is still confusing to you?

2. Overview of Kant’s Deontology: In your own words, explain what you understand about Kant’s ethical theories. If someone asked you what you studied in this chapter, what could you tell that person? What is still confusing to you?

3. Philosophers: Compare and contrast Immanuel Kant’s and Jeremy Bentham’s theories. What is the main difference between them? Are there any similarities?

4. Reflection: Which theory do you like more–one that focuses on consequences or one that focuses on intent? Which do you think makes for a more moral society?

5. Clarification: Is there any concept that just does not make sense to you or that needs clarification?



As a nursing leader you have been asked to assess the mission/vision statement of an organization. Choose a Mission/Vision statement and create a PowerPoint presentation identifying components of the chosen Mission/Vision statement that clearly drive patient care and components that are cloudy or ambiguous.

Provide alternate statements that clarify the Mission/Vision statement for quality healthcare delivery and ensure the Mission/Vision statement is disambiguous.